5 Reasons Why Your Sweat Stinks

Why Your Sweat Stinks

A Bad Smelling Sweat Can Hurt Your Self-Esteem

Have you ever wondered why some people’s sweat stink so badly than others? Yes, it is common to sweat even if a little and stink BIG! Ordinarily, sweat is supposed to be free of any smell. In most cases, it is the bacteria found on your skin that mixes with your sweat leading to smelly sweat. Whenever you feel the smell of your sweat, even without smelling your skin or clothes, then it is possible that your friends or people around you can also feel the smell. This can be embarrassing at times. We are all different, but a lot of factors can still contribute to bad smell when you sweat. In this article, we present to you the most common factors that contribute to smelly sweat.

Why Your Sweat Stinks

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1. Stress, Anxiety or Fear

Stress is a leading cause for smelly sweat. Equally, anxiety or fear can cause you to sweat and most of all, smelly sweat. Your body responds to the stimulus causing fear or anxiety or stress, further producing a thick sweat to cool your body down. This thick sweat is smelly.

2.  Types of Clothes

If you realize that you have all of a sudden having smelly sweat, then possibly a new set of clothes is to blame. Some types of clothes can affect the smell of your sweat, for example, nylon, silk or polyester type of clothes can look pretty on you but equally smelly when you sweat. These types of clothes can soak up in sweat, preventing evaporation of the sweat, leading to bacterial build up in the damp areas on the clothes, for example the armpit, causing smelly sweat. Therefore, choose your clothes wisely.

3. Nutrients Deficiency

Nutrients are vital in the body of a human being. Nutrients help your body to function properly all the time. Magnesium is a crucial nutrient that helps prevent smelly sweat. Magnesium is found in leafy vegetables, chocolate or nuts to build magnesium level in your body.

4. Eating Too Much Choline-rich Foods

Eating a lot of fish, eggs, liver and meat, which are rich in choline, can cause smelly sweat. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the amount of these types of foods to reduce smelly sweat.

5. Bathroom Habits

It is common for people with the habit of withholding their urine for too long without going to the bathroom, to experience smelly sweat. It may be great to control the times you go to the bathroom, because of individual reasons, but this can cause smelly sweat.

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