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AlwaysSweating Inc.. is a dynamic dermatology practice. We encompass a complete spectrum of medical and cosmetic skincare for people of all ages. Our main objective is to advance the healthcare practice, now and in the future via expert medical care, advice and the use of cutting-edge medical technologies and user-centered service delivery.

We have a list of experienced staff writers, who develop different types of articles on skin care, which entail cosmetics and products that cure skin problems, such as hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating.

Meet our Staff

Dr. Joseph Stephens

Dr. Joseph Stephens MD, OAHD

Board Certified Dermatologist

Dr. Joseph Stephens founded AlwaysSweating Inc. in 2017 after practicing as a dermatologist in the UK for 24 years. As a board certified dermatologist, Stephens practices in cosmetic dermatology, which entails providing patients with high-quality cosmetic care and services. His technique entails integrating modern technology treatment alternatives with a keen understanding of the needs of the patients.

Originally from Kansas, Stephens cleared his undergraduate degree from MIT and attended a medical college at the Medical College of Georgia. He also completed a Dermatology Residency at New York Medical College. He enjoys reading, writing and traveling. Often Stephens find time from his busy schedule to write on topical issues for the website, including responding to quick burning issues from patients.

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Dr. Maurine Kassim

Dr. Maurine Kassim MD, AUDA

Board Certified Dermatologist

Dr. Kassim joined AlwaysSweating Inc. after practicing for the last 9 years as a dermatologist in India. As a board certified dermatologist, Dr. Kassim is experienced and skillful in medical and cosmetic dermatology field. Her main objective at work is to inspire patients to lead a youthful life with a well-cared-for skin, which entails leading to healthy and happy lifestyle.

Originally from Italy, Dr. Kassim cleared her undergraduate studies at the University of Virginia. Dr. Kassim also went to Columbia University for her medical degree. She went ahead to acquire her Dermatology residency at Boston University. Dr. Kassim takes part in outdoor activities, which includes volunteering and even hiking. She also loves writing on topical issues. Once in a while, she contributes for AlwaysSweating Inc.

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