I am an enthusiastic and self-driven journalist with over 17 years experience writing and editing for online and print media. I have worked for local and international magazines and newspapers. I find pleasure in researching on any topic. I am also the CEO and founder of Always Sweating, an international product review website.

I write articles and guides about excessive or profuse sweating and the solutions for this. My articles are on hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis treatment, sweats, profuse sweating, hyperhidrosis cure, sweaty feet, sweaty hands, night sweats, sweaty armpits, sweaty palms, sweaty hands and feet and much much more.

It all started when I was young, especially when I took part in many sporting activities, such as athletics and football back in school. I realized that I was always sweating more than everyone else. My friends kept staring at me, some laughed at me, while others asked me to seek treatment for excessive sweating. I also had problems sweating profusely while sleeping. I had problems with my pajamas, which would be soaked like a sponge few minutes after I dozed off in bed or on the couch. My forehead was even worse. I could not dare cover my face while I sleep and sleep-overs were terrible for me. I was constantly embarrassed.

Apparently, my father had the same problem and now I know where this problem came from. He was always sweating while eating, sleeping and while doing any simple activity that only required a simple flex of a muscle. He enjoyed pepper but he was always sweating when taking meals with pepper, which was not the case with other people. He simply had to dab his face with a wet cloth every so often while he indulged in his meals.

Equally, I have come across many friends, back in school, who had terrible problems with sweaty palms and feet. They were always sweating, whether it was cold outside or not. And that is when I realized that I can do something to find a solution for people who are always sweating, including me. I believe sweating is biological as it helps our bodies cool off, but excessive sweating is somewhat embarrassing and everyone needs a chance to feel comfortable and fresh while asleep or even when around people.

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