Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion Product Review in 2020

Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion reviews













  • Works effectively to get rid of sweaty feet and palms
  • Gets rid of smelly feet also called bad feet odor
  • It is packaged in an appealing package
  • Designed with safe ingredients
  • Many customers find it affordable


  • May feel chalky on feet and palms
  • May take some time to achieve great results

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Carpe antiperspirant foot lotion is an effective product that is; easy on your skin, smooth, safe and convenient in curing sweaty feet. There is definitely a good reason why carpe is among the best sweat controlling product in the market as outlined in this review. Dermatologists recommend Carpe antiperspirant as the best solution for curing excessive sweaty and smelly feet. You can Buy Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion on Amazon now. It is designed with the most advanced technology and ingredients that work towards fostering a high-level freshness and natural dryness 24 hours a day. Carpe lotion is easy on your skin as it is proven to eradicate sweaty and smelly feet problems, further lowering any chaffing. It is ideal as it helps reduce the symptoms of hyperhidrosis effectively. Equally, Carpe antiperspirant is smooth on your skin, which means that it does not cause skin irritation, a problem that causes a lot of discomfort in people. It is also designed to absorb into the skin fast and leaves behind no messy residue that is a common problem with other ordinary antiperspirant products.  Carpe Foot lotion is an FDA-compliant product, which means that it is designed to foster natural dryness. Above all, the company designs this product in convenient packaging that allows you to carry it confidently wherever you go. It, therefore, gives you the required confidence even in public, meaning that you can pop it out and apply on your skin with any worry or shame. Some users prefer applying in the morning just before wearing socks and shoes, whereas others consider applying Carpe foot lotion just before jumping in bed.

Why do you need Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion?

Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion Product Review
Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion Product Review

One of the main reasons why you need to use Carpe Antiperspirant is to get rid of the sweaty and smelly feet. A sweaty foot is common, especially for people who strain their feet by walking or standing for long. Equally, this can be a problem for athletes, especially those who engage in the strenuous marathon races. Your feet, akin to any other part of the body, have sweat pores, which generate sweat whenever they are strained or when the body temperature rises. The sweating is a biological process that helps regulate the temperature. However, in some cases, the feet can generate excessive sweat, as a result of many factors, which include hyperhidrosis, a condition of excessive sweating, or anxiety or even bacterial infection. Particularly, the bacteria are known to cause bad feet odor that can make you uncomfortable at times. When your feet are exposed to high temperature caused by the wrapped shoes, is a leading cause of sweaty feet. Some socks also contribute to the sweaty feet, including shoes that are not properly aerated. It is, therefore, advisable to wear socks and shoes that are well aerated, and allow your feet to breathe out. This opens the sweat pores and allows normal sweating and drying off after sweating. You may also consider using carpe antiperspirant foot lotion that works best to bring natural dryness and freshness on your feet.

Can you use Carpe Antiperspirant Lotion on Hands?

Sweatty Hands
Carpe can be used on Sweatty Hands

One great thing with carpe antiperspirant lotion is that it is designed with ingredients that not only work best with sweaty feet but also sweaty palms. Normally, people with sweaty feet have sweaty palms, which is where carpe antiperspirant lotion stands out.  Sweaty palms are a condition that can arise when you become anxious or whenever you are working in a hot environment. Equally, many people tend to develop sweaty hands when they are in fear or when they are under stress. Sweaty hands are also associated with hyperhidrosis.

What are the Features of Carpe Antiperspirant?

Designed ingeniously for feet and hands

Carpe is not only designed to provide you with great results on your feet but also can be used to control excessive sweating on your palms. Many customers indicate that Carpe is efficient to them based on the double uses it has, something that helps them save their cash, there is absolutely no need to buy a palm lotion when you already have the Carpe foot lotion, which is designed with the right ingredients for palms and soles as well.

Contains Aluminum Chloride

Carpe is designed with about 15% of aluminum called “Sesquichlorohydrate.” The aluminum salts are invaluable in controlling sweating, as they block the sweat glands, further reducing the amount of sweat generated, leaving you super dry and fresh. Many antiperspirants have aluminum salts, which can cause skin irritation, especially to people who have sensitive skin. However, Carpe has been designed in an ingenious way that ensures that you do not experience skin irritation that may be uncomfortable. The aluminum percentage in Carpe is just the right amount that gives you extra dryness and freshness all day long, without any worry of skin rashes or itchiness.

Designed as a lotion

Carpe antiperspirant is designed as a lotion, which is ideal for many users, as it is easy to apply on the feet and hands as well for best results. Many antiperspirants are designed in the form of gel, powder and even spray, which may be challenging to apply especially on the soles and palms. Some of these are messy on the skin, for example, the powder form, which can leave a lot of residue on the skin, leaving you somewhat embarrassed. However, the Carpe lotion leaves a thin layer on your skin, which is even on the applied part of the skin, increasing the surface area for great results.

What are the Pros and Cons of Carpe Antiperspirant?

Carpe has a lot of benefits that range from its effectiveness and being safe on your skin among many others. Equally, there is a small list of cons that you need to learn about to help you make a right purchase decision. Here in this product review, we present the pros first and then the cons.


Works effectively to get rid of sweaty feet and palms

One of the great things to know about Carpe lotion is that it is designed to suit more than one purpose, which is controlling sweaty feet or soles and also the sweaty palms or hands. Many people who have sweaty feet are most-likely to have sweaty palms. This is commonly a sign of hyperhidrosis. Carpe works best with getting rid of sweaty feet, which entails giving you the natural freshness that you desire. Equally, it helps reduce the level of sweating on your palms. Many activities or sporting events, such as athletics, boxing and many more involves a lot of sweating on both your feet and hands. Carpe gives you the confidence in your career as an athlete. Some jobs also entail strenuous tasks, for example, engineering, which may leave you embarrassed when working with colleagues and friends, especially if your feet sweat excessively as well as your hands but with Carpe, you will experience a natural dryness.

Gets rid of smelly feet also called bad feet odor

Carpe Antiperspirant foot lotion is designed to help remove the bad smell on your feet. It contains active ingredients that not only prevent sweaty feet but also puts away bacteria that cause smelly feet. Bacteria on your feet occur when the temperature levels around your feet rise and when you sweat excessively. Your feet become damp, and this makes the bacteria to multiply quickly. Your feet can become sore, especially for people who stand for long, or walk long distances without allowing their feet to breath in the open air. Equally, some types of socks and shoes are a leading cause of the excessive sweating and the multiplication of bacteria, especially those that have poor aeration. This means that you need to change your shoes if you feel that they are a leading cause of your sweaty and smelly feet. Then apply the Carpe lotion on your feet as recommended before wearing your special socks and shoes for great and lasting results.

It is packaged in an appealing package

One of the best things about Carpe antiperspirant foot lotion is that it is packaged in a nicely designed wrapping. This proves thatthat you can carry it around even when in school or at church and at work. You cannot get worried when applying it in public, as it is the case with many ordinary products that may have a flashy and less appealing package. Equally, the Carpe manufacturers have stood out in the industry with a strong and admired brand that gives you a stride in your step when walking around with it.

Designed with safe ingredients

Carpe antiperspirant foot lotion is designed with special ingredients (eucalyptus and glycerin) that are safe on your skin. The two ingredients are naturally obtained and processed, which gives your skin a smooth feeling. Many people have sensitive skin, which can become itchy and easily irritated when covered with certain lotion or spray products that contain harsh ingredients. Carpe is FDA approved, which means that it is made with skin-friendly ingredients to provide you with 100% skin safety and great results. You will not only remain dry and fresh, but you will also achieve natural softness all day long.


May feel chalky on feet and palms

Some customers indicate that they ended up feeling chalky on either their feet or hands. This can be attributed to one of its special ingredients, called tale, which leaves a chalky feeling in the end. However, it is common to find customers who experience the chalky results were applying a large amount of carpe lotion, which is over the required amount. You are only needed to apply a pea-sized amount, which is effective on your feet or palms. It is only the right amount of lotion that gives you best results but not a large amount.

May take some time to achieve great results

Carpe is super effective in controlling sweaty feet and palms. Moreover, it may take some time before you see the results. Some customers claim that it takes a long time than they expected. However, all you need to do is to be consistent with applying it, and ensure that you are applying the right amount to ensure that it works effectively. But when you achieve the results of Carpe lotion, you will enjoy a long-term effect, which is contrary to other ordinary products that may work instantly, but last for a short time.

How to Apply Carpe Lotion on your Feet

Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion Product Review Stop Sweaty Feet
Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion Product Review Stop Sweaty Feet

Are there any alternative products to Carpe?


Carpe is a great product for your sweaty feet and also sweaty palms. Its effects have been marked by a rising number of users, who are fully satisfied. However, if you feel that you need other alternative products, then you can check out other recommended products and those approved by the FDA and dermatologists for skin safety and best effects as discussed in subsequent product reviews. Some of the possible alternatives are the sweat absorbing soles, which are natural and do not need the use of deodorants or sprays, gels or lotion. You only need to fit it into your shoes and wear them. They are also disposable. Equally, you can try the Lavilin foot cream that gives you fast results, in just seven days. It is commonly used by athletes and people in busy work careers that may include long standing hours. If you sweat heavily on your feet, you can consider the foot spray deodorant that is made with natural ingredients to increase the rate of dryness and freshness. Many people with hyperhidrosis find it effective.

How to Apply Carpe Lotion  on your Hands

Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion Product Review Stop Sweaty Hands
Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion Product Review Stop Sweaty Hands


Overall, this product review has outlined some of the basic information about Carpe antiperspirant foot lotion that you can buy on Amazon, which is what you need to know about before making that purchase decision. We have studied the product, how it is applied, including its general features. This Carpe antiperspirant foot lotion review has also presented the pros and cons that help you look at both sides of the product. You not only need to know about the beneficial results of the product but also any possible negative result. This Carpe review has also pointed out some alternative products that you can try out to meet your needs, which is, above all, positive results, with minimal or no negative outcomes. Remember, sweaty feet are a condition that, if not addressed early, can lead to even more adverse outcomes. Your feet play an important role in your life, which entails walking around, carrying your weight around. Without taking care of the feet, then you may lose the most valuable parts of your body. You can now regulate the sweatiness on your feet by using the recommended and approved Carpe foot lotion, which is designed to give you the best results ever. Some people apply the carpe lotion just before they get out of their houses, off to work or their daily chores, while others consider applying just before they go to bed. You can apply on your palms and soles after you have taken a good shower, and dried off the moisture and water on your skin. Then give your feet and hands time to dry before jumping into bed. You will wake up the following morning feeling fresh and naturally dry. Then wash off the residue thoroughly and apply again as directed for great results. It is time you get rid of the bacteria on your feet by keeping away the sogginess on your feet. No more smelly and sweaty feet with the introduction of the Carpe foot lotion that leaves many customers happy. If you still have problems with sweaty feet or general sweating even after applying carpe lotion, you may need to get medical advice.

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