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You probably, have visited a physician, or a gym trainer, and either recommended you about taking regular work-outs for purposes of health fitness. However, exercising on the treadmill is not an easy task to many. “Well, don’t freak out because they hinted you on the most natural idea of staying healthy.” Strenuous work-outs can leave your body all wet, drowned in a salty bodily fluid. From a medical perspective this is termed as perspiration or the layman’s word ’sweating.’

Perspiration Best Explains Excessive Sweating Causes

The question is what causes excessive sweating? Why do people often experience excessive or profuse sweating more than others? Is there a sweating problem that they could be having?

Perspiration can help understand the above questions. In life, besides the hassle of daily routine-jobs, it is important to undergo perspiration (According to dictionary.com, perspiration is a process involving the removal of salty, watery fluid from the body through the sweat glands of the skin).

If at all this is true—that perspiration is a healthy course—then why refer it a medical attention? This is why… A lot of sweat is excreted from the body through strenuous exertion. Further, the sweat can be too much, causing dehydration, and a balance has to be maintained. The medical practitioner might come in handy when excessive sweating is experienced.

Occasionally, you have experienced excessive sweating on your underarms, face, feet and hands.  “Surprisingly, this could happen during a social gathering and pains you because the event has just began. You stand there holding the microphone and all your body, including the hands is profusely sweating. What a shame? You wait for the inevitable…”

What you don’t know is that this signals the need to go for a medical check-up. But before you can attend to the awkward shameful condition here are the products you should use to cure excessive sweating.
Too much of sweat, hyperhidrosis, could be a symptom of obesity, diabetes, or thyroid problems.

It is Important to have a clear Understanding of the Reason Sweating

Sweating is a biological process for regulating the body temperature, which is common in warm blooded animals. We can regulate our body temperatures when hot or even when cold. When it is hot, we sweat and when it is cold, our body shivers. The body cools off when the sweat evaporates. This explains why it feels extremely hot when in a highly humid area, which means that your sweat does not evaporate as normal and your body temperature does not drop normally.

Other animals, such as reptiles and amphibians do not have to sweat but bask in the sun and that’s it. Some people sweat more than others, especially on their hands, feet or even armpits, and they sometimes need to use antiperspirants, such as hand sprays for sweaty hands and or deodorants to stay fresh and smell nice. People with a thick sweat in the underarms have found armpit sweat pads quite resourceful, which works for men and women as well. The reason you may have a thick sweat in your underarm or armpit is because, the sweat from this region contains a high level of fatty acids and proteins that react with the bacteria found on the skin, which leads to the bad smell. This explains why your armpit can generate a bad smell as compared to other body parts, such as hands. In other circumstances, the yellowish coloring located on your garment, especially in the underarm region, is as a result of the reaction of the bacteria and the deodorants.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

In life, many of us endure excessive sweating problem. This is also called hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is a condition that makes you experience strange and excessive or severe sweating, that goes beyond the normal sweating process that the body relies on to regulate its temperatures. Profuse sweating interferes with the normal function of your body, affecting you emotionally psychologically and also socially. When you are sweating excessively, be it during the day or when you are sleeping, you do not feel comfortable while interacting with your friends. This condition brings stigma hence affecting your relationship with others. In most cases, you might be forced to remain silent as the condition is adversely affecting your health, attracting a lot of problems. This condition, however, is described as “silent handicap”. Therefore, you need to take various measures to wipe out this sweating condition.

Hyperhidrosis (Categories)

Hyperhidrosis can affect various body parts. For example, it can affect hands, groin, armpits, feet, and also the face. The main reason why the mentioned parts are highly susceptible to hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), is that they have numerous sweat glands. Hyperhidrosis is usually divided into two categories according to areas being attacked. When excess sweating is experienced in palms, feet, underarm, and scalp, it is usually referred to as primary/focal hyperhidrosis. An example of this is palmoplantar, which affects hands. The other type of hyperhidrosis is where extreme sweating is experienced in the whole body. It is usually referred as secondary hyperhidrosis. Furthermore, hyperhidrosis can be categorized by the onset. It can be congenital or acquired. Congenital is a situation present during birth. Focal hyperhidrosis begins earlier or during adolescent while secondary hyperhidrosis begins at any point in life and it can be due to diabetes, tumor, certain drugs, or mercury poisoning.

Primary Hyperhidrosis versus Secondary Hyperhidrosis

Generally, too much sweating or excessive sweating is not a cause for alarm though it is wise getting medical advice. It could be inherited or be as a result of minor nervous system problems.

At certain sea levels the sun is scorching hot that sweating becomes part of life. Surely it is an aspect of healthy living. Sweating does the following to your body:

  • Sweating allows smooth flow of the body nervous system and at times increases human activity.
  • One is that sweating promotes the circulation of blood. Blood flows normally and the circulatory system starts as the sweat glands release the fluid.
  • Two, sweat contains the residues of all harmful toxins in the body. Such toxins are freely excreted through the sweat glands without any medical interference.
  • Three, sweat has an anti-fungal attribute as it contains a nitrate element in it. Detoxifying boosts the immune system, enabling the human body to fight the nature of common ailments from attacking it.
  • Four, perspiration lowers the body temperature more importantly during exercises.
  • Finally sweating nourishes your skin and makes it healthier. Your skin pores open during perspiration inhibiting bacteria and dirt from clogging in your skin.

Primarily, sweating on the underarms, face, hands, groin, feet, or hands is not a serious medical condition but as stated can be controlled with various recommended products. On the other hand, secondary hyperhidrosis is not common and is found on people affected by a serious health condition. This is a medical condition witnessed by unhealthy patients mostly during the night.

Causes of Secondary Hyperhidrosis

  • Menopause women and girls
  • Side effects during pregnancy
  • Problems on your thyroid gland
  • Symptom of diabetic condition
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Victim of infectious disease such as tuberculosis
  • Heart failure problems
  • Problems in the brain’s nerve cells, Parkinson’s disease.
  • Joint malfunction such as hand joints, knee joints, or wrist joints in apparently both joints of the same organ. (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  • Attack by cancer sickness such as leukemia or lymphoma
  • Also could be a lead to stroke problems

What Causes Hyperhidrosis?

Medical studies attempt to deduce the causes of hyperhidrosis for a long time now. Starting with focal hyperhidrosis, its causes have not been discovered yet, although some physicians claim that it is caused when the sympathetic nervous system has over-activity. This condition can worsen when the victim has anxiety or is overexcited. Other causes of hyperhidrosis include intense burning pains, unusual blood vessels affecting gastrointestinal track, exposing bare feet to unhygienic and cold places, glomus tumor, and burning feet syndrome. Moreover, it can be caused by sensitive spinal cord injury, which leads to bowel skin irritation, and bladder distention. Food has also been discovered to cause gustatory sweating. They include coffee, sour food, citric acid, and chocolate as well. Encephalitis a condition that is known to cause inflammation is also known to cause primary hyperhidrosis. Also, parotitis, which is usually an inflammation of one or both parotis, is also a major cause. Thoracic sympathectomy is a condition where surgery destroys sympathetic nerves in the thoracic region and is used to regulate sweating.

Similarly, secondary hyperhidrosis has various causes. To start with, cancer has been discovered to be a major cause. Includes thoracic cavity, and tumor within the thoracic cavity. Another cause is medications; some of these medications include opioids, antidepressants, insulin, anxiolytic agents, a cholinergic agonist, and adrenergic agonists. Adding to the causes of secondary hyperhidrosis we have endocrine conditions. These conditions entail low blood sugars, acromegaly, hyperpituitarism and some forms of thyroid disease. Finally, there are miscellaneous causes, which are as follows. To begin with, when a person has spinal injuries such as orthostatic hypotension. Secondly, there are conditions of neuropathies, for example, congenital autonomic dysfunction and familial dysautonomia. Besides, various systematic medical problems, such as menopausal state, anxiety, fibromyalgia and also compensatory are included.

What is the Diagnosis of Hyperhidrosis?

The diagnosis of hyperhidrosis is conducted by understanding the nature of the disorder in the most critical way. It assists in identifying the cause and nature after various tests have been carried out. when diagnosing hyperhidrosis, the doctor may request laboratory test on blood, urine, and other complex laboratory tests. This diagnosis is easily conducted in primary hyperhidrosis since a specific part of the body is affected. In case of secondary hyperhidrosis more investigation is required during diagnosis. Therefore, diagnosis is essential before actual treatment has taken place.

What is the Treatment of Hyperhidrosis?

The treatment of heavy, severe or profuse sweating (hyperhidrosis) is crucial to make the life of a person joyous again. There are several steps taken during treatment processes. One way of treatment is by the use of topical agents, such as formaldehyde lotion, which decreases perspiration by denaturing keratin.

What are the Medications Provided for Hyperhidrosis?

In every illness, there is recommended medication. For the case of hyperhidrosis, aluminum chlorohydrate is used in regular antiperspirant. These hyperhidrosis gels work best when they are concentrated. They are highly effective in the underarm region although they may cause skin irritation. In extreme cases such as Palmer, aluminum chloride is recommended. Algorithms for hyperhidrosis treatment requires topical antiperspirants. Another prescription is the anticholinergics, which is taken orally and used to cure both primary and secondary hyperhidrosis. Examples of anticholinergics include oxybutynin, and methantheline, however, there may be some limitations, such as dry mouth and urinary retention.

During treatment of hyperhidrosis, surgical procedures may be incorporated. Among the activities include sweat gland removal. Among the methods employed during removal includes axillary liposuction and sweat gland suction.  Another major surgical activity is endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. This involves cutting, burning, or clamping of the thoracic ganglion. It is effective in treating facial blushing and facial sweating. Regardless of the many benefits, there are also side effects, such as sweating in other areas referred as compensatory sweating. To add on this there is also Horner’s syndrome gustatory sweating and dryness in the palms

What is the Prognosis of Hyperhidrosis?

The prognosis of hyperhidrosis is based on the fact that it can have physiological repercussion, ranging from dehydration, skin infection, too clammy hands. This may impact depression on the individual suffering from them. Excessive sweating to a person interferes with their effort to make a living. For example, they can avoid greeting people, armpit sweating reduces arm movement and also dehydration can limit the ability of some functions.

What is the Epidemiology Hyperhidrosis?

From research, it has been established that approximately 2.9% of the population in United States of America alone are suffering from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Both men and women are affected equally and it is very common between the ages of 20 to 65. These findings give a reason for finding a better solution for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).

Is Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) Genetic or Hereditary?

Many researchers and healthcare providers indicate that hyperhidrosis may have no clear cause. And sometimes it can be associated with genetic factors, carried from one generation to another. In this case, it is possible to state that excessive sweating may be genetic or hereditary. Mayo Clinic indicates on their website, on hyperhidrosis that excessive sweating can have a hereditary component because there are many cases it runs in the family. Although, Mayo Clinic does not go much into details to elaborate how excessive sweating can be hereditary.

How is Hyperhidrosis Transferred Genetically?

Many people suffer from hyperhidrosis. According to the Center of Hyperhidrosis, in an article studying whether it is possible to transfer the genes of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating to the children, 50% of patients diagnosed with hyperhidrosis have one or two families with the problem of excessive sweating. Some of them have sweaty feet, sweaty palms, sweaty underarms or sweaty face. There are many cases where there is no trace of the family history, which still cannot be ruled out; this does not imply that the patient did not obtain the hyperhidrosis gene from their parents or family, maybe his or her parent’s conditions were not diagnosed by a doctor, but they existed. It is also possible to find cases where hyperhidrosis jumps one generation or two and occurs in another generation just as other health conditions.

What is the Rate of Transfer of the Gene with Hyperhidrosis?

It is important to note that hereditary disorders can begin at any stage of a family line. This implies that some health problems can start in an individual even in a case where there is no family history related to that condition. However, genes have different levels or intensities of transfer from one generation to another. This is because the gene of excessive sweating is not dominant and therefore not many descendants will inherit this condition. The rate of transfer of the hereditary gene carrying hyperhidrosis is about 25%, according to the Center of Hyperhidrosis. Therefore, in the case where you have 8 children, then only 2 of them have a high chance of acquiring this gene of hyperhidrosis. However, this does not imply that more descendants will remain unaffected. It can still affect more than this percentage.

This topic has limited number of studies, which is a clear gap in the study of excessive sweating causes. Many studies need to delve deep into this industry, whether hyperhidrosis is genetic or hereditary, to help understand how you can acquire this gene from family or not. With the ongoing development in the healthcare industry, there will be a detailed outlook of this subject soon.

Sweating as a Side Effect

Consequently many drugs can cause side effects such as excessive sweating at night. “Doctor’s prescription is as important as drinking and not driving.” Proved medications can generally lead to excessive sweating. …don’t develop phobia for drugs. Perhaps hyperhidrosis could be as a result of you healing.

Drugs that Induce Excessive Sweating

Just to inform you, many known drugs that induce sweating disorder leading to discomfort include:

  • Medications that control blood pressure
  • Certain antibiotics
  • Drugs inhibiting cholinesterase levels
  • Inhibitors to serotonin reuptake
  • Opioids antidepressants
  • Tricyclic antidepressants
  • Body supplements
  • Smoking of cigarettes or cannabis

Does Smoking Cause Excessive Sweating?

Smoking is major contributor of excessive sweating. Smoking, an unhealthy habit, has a high tendency of increasing the rate of sweating in smokers. Moreover, if you are already diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes excessive sweating, for example, in your face, palms, armpits or even feet, you can begin to experience excessive or severe sweating in the mentioned areas whenever you smoke cigarettes or marijuana also known as cannabis.

Quick Fix: Best Products that Control Excessive Sweating after Smoking

Let’s jump to the bestselling products on Amazon that can help control excessive sweating while smoking right away. Of course, you need to control your extreme sweating after you smoke so that you can remain at ease and even comfortable. Nothing should stop you from having your most pleasurable moments.

Do you Develop a Sweaty Face, Head or Forehead after Smoking?

Portable Nano Mister

Now, if you always have a sweaty face after smoking, then you will find the Portable Nano Mister very efficient and ideal for you. It helps soothe your facial skin and hydrates your face, giving you that natural comfort even after smoking twice or thrice. Furthermore, the mist sprayer is clinically recommended and safe to use. You also will be happy carrying it around as it is designed attractively. For the ladies, you will be amazed to notice that mist spray is make-up friendly. It does not ruin your make-up at all, leaving you feeling fly as usual.

Do you Develop Sweaty Palms or Hands after Smoking?

2Toms GripShield

If you find the palms of your hands filled with sweat every time you smoke or once in a while, then you will find 2Toms GripShield, practically effective to your hands. All you need is to feel dry and smooth on your palms. Smoking should ease your anxiety, but not cause extreme sweating, which can be sometimes uncomfortable especially when in public. Grip Shield is clinically approved and recommended. It is easy on your hands and does not cause irritation.

Do you Develop Sweaty Armpits or Underarms after Smoking?

Spirit Nest

If your armpits become drenched in sweat after you smoke, you don’t need to throw away your shirt or vest anymore. Try out the Spirit Nest organic deodorant that is easy on your skin. This product is 100% natural and does not contain any chemical components, such as aluminum. It gives you the 24 hour protection from excessive smelly sweaty. Spirit Net is clinically approved

Nuderm DRY

You can also try out Nuderm DRY, which as its name suggests, it keeps you dry and comfortable. Nuderm dry pills helps you manage your excessive sweating naturally. It is clinically approved and recommended.

 Underarm Shields pads

If you are not comfortable with pills or body wash products, you can use the ZeroSweat Underarm Shields pads, which are comfortable and much more effective no matter how excessive you sweat. You will get a premium pack of 50 disposable pcs that absorb sweat like a charm. The goodness with the Zero Sweat Pad is that it is unisex and can be worn by either a lady or a man.

Do you develop sweaty feet after smoking?

Antifungal Tea Tree Oil

If your feet become soggy or sweaty after smoking, then you need to use Antifungal Tea Tree Oil, which helps control excessive sweating on your feet, including getting rid of any fungal infections that often affect smokers with sweaty feet. This product is clinically approved for stopping itching and foot odor as well as easing pain in swollen feet. It also helps maintain feet hygiene, including toe nails, leaving you feeling fresh and clean all the time.

Nicotine Triggers Acetylcholine that raises Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Body Temperature, Leading to Excessive Sweating

Smoking is known to cause a lot of health problems in smokers and even non-smokers, also referred to passive smokers. Most of the problems include heart related complications and breathing problems including cancer – throat cancer. People who don’t smoke have large and flexible blood vessels as compared to people who smoke frequently. The nicotine in the cigarettes causes the blood vessels to constrict, including the veins and arteries, which can lead to many health complications as the blood pressure rises. It is possible to suffer from high blood pressure that is life threatening.

Some people think that the smoke or the heat emitted from the cigar rete causes sweating as Thompson Tee writes. But this is not the case and Thompson Tee agrees. Only the heat from hot drinks, such as tea or coffee can trigger your body to generate a lot of sweat as a means to cool your body off. In the case of caffeine, according to Huffington Post, your body’s central nervous system triggers your sweat glands to increase excessive sweating. This is more common in people with sweating condition – hyperhidrosis. A good solution to this can be drinking iced tea or coffee, which will still give you that much needed energy boost you need.

Smoking causes excessive sweating through a chemical process. According to Thompson Tee, as cited in WebMed, smoking cigarettes involves the inhalation of nicotine, a chemical that triggers your body to synthesize acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that increases your heart rate and blood pressure. As a result, your body temperature rises, causing your sweat glands to generate sweat, as a biological process intended to cool your body.

Now, if you already have a sweating condition, such as sweaty palms or sweaty feet, then you will experience a sudden increase in sweat, which can make you uncomfortable. Marijuana, on the other hand, causes excessive sweating through increasing anxiety and blood pressure. Some people may become even dizzy and experience hot flushes. Some may begin to sweat in the forehead and underarms after smoking marijuana/cannabis.

Quitting Smoking Abruptly Causes Excessive Sweating

Can smoking cause excessive sweating [Source © Picture – Healtreatcure.org]
Can quitting smoking abruptly cause excessive sweating? [Source © Picture – Healtreatcure.org]
Did you know that even quitting smoking, especially, abruptly can still cause excessive sweating? However, according to Thompson Tee, the excessive sweating problem after quitting subsides faster as compared to when smoking. Just as cigarettes, abrupt withdrawal of cannabis is known to cause excessive sweating, but will always disappear with time. So, this explains the reason to consider quitting than continue this habit that may lead to many other related health complications. You may consider regulating the sweating problem if you continue smoking, such as by using antiperspirants and deodorants, such as sweat proof undershirts,  underarm moisturizer spray, and the disposable underarm pads that work wonders.

Smoking can Increase your rate of Anxiety, Leading to Excessive Sweating

Can smoking cause anxiety and excessive sweating [Source © Picture – Herb.co]
Can smoking cause anxiety and excessive sweating? [Source © Picture – Herb.co]
Smoking is known to cause anxiety disorders where a smoker can become angry fast, a condition that Thompson Tee describes as a having a “Hot Head.” When you become angry, your body produces a stress hormone, which increases your blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature that lead to excessive sweating. Smoking, as a stimulant, stimulates your nerves, which make you irritable and more susceptible to anger and stress. You can become stressful when presented to emotional or embarrassing moments, for example, whenever you are scheduled for a big meeting or performance. As a result, your hands, face, underarms or feet can become wet with sweat to cool your body. It is true that emotional and stressful situations are normal and cannot be controlled otherwise than by using antiperspirants.  If you experience sweaty feet most of the times, especially when you become anxious or emotional, you can consider the honeycomb insoles, which keep your feet super dry and sweat free. This will not only give you the much needed comfort, but also spares you from the constant worry of foot odor and feet infections.

A lot of studies continue to show a rising trend of smoking habits even with the increasing campaigns and programs aimed at discouraging smoking habits. For example, according to Ben in his article, Can Smoking Cause Excessive Sweating? In a group of six people, one is a smoker in America alone. Ben continues to state that, in every 5 deaths, cigarettes are a contributing factor. Smoking also causes many deaths as a result of heart complications. People with high-blood pressure have a high chance of hearts risks when they continue to engage in smoking habits. Increased heart rates and blood pressure are some of the problems smokers suffer from, including constricted blood vessels. Smoking affects even people with hyperhidrosis, by increasing their sweating problems as their body temperature rises with increased blood pressure and heart rate. Smoking also gives rise to anxiety and stress, which leads to increased sweating. There is a reason why Ben describes smoking as a silent killer, as it comes with a wide range of side effects that the smoker may not be aware of easily, until it is too late.

What’s the Recommended Advice for People who Sweat when or After Smoking?

Apart from quitting smoking, it is advisable to seek medical advice, especially if you feel you often sweat excessively when smoking or after smoking. If you not capable of quitting smoking, there are other options for you to manage excessive sweating. You can try using the Maxim perspiration strength that serves as an antiperspirant and deodorant and it is recommended by the dermatologists. You can also consider Carpe Antiperspirant that is highly-recommended for people with hyperhidrosis and it is approved by dermatologists. For a fast cure of severe sweating, you can buy sweat block on Amazon now, which is a clinically approved product for reducing sweat in just 7 days. You can ultimately consider changing your diet to help control excessive sweating. Some diet types help control the withdrawal symptoms as well.

When to See a Doctor to stop Excessive Sweating

See, the experts say “seeking medical attention is number one.” Do not mistake this by living with misconceptions that would aggravate a treatable condition to a chronic serious disease.

Symptoms of Excessive sweating

Watch out for the following symptoms.  When this conditions intrigue your conscience please pay the doctor a visit;

  • If you wake up with our body sopped in sweat for no apparent reason
  • If you regularly experience excess sweat from your head, underarms, face, hands, feet, or groin
  • If you sweat excessively from one part of the body
  • If you experience sudden sweat from your entire body, which is unusual
  • If after taking a prescribed drug you start sweating
  • When sweating interrupts emotional and social freedom
  • If you cannot conduct daily business due to excess sweat

Important ways to control Hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating)

You need to regularly spraying your skin with antiperspirants. Over-the-counter sprays, body lotions, and roll-ons can reduce excessive sweating and similarly get rid of sweat odor. Undergo a special treatment that temporarily shuts off your sweat glands. This treatment can only be undertaken by medical doctors. [Caution] could cause serious side effects.

Prescribed drugs can also prevent the sweat glands from functioning properly. You can reduce excessive sweating in areas, such as armpits by going for Botox injection. Botox stops the nerves from inducing hyperhidrosis. Likewise, one can undergo a surgery in the chest where a nerve that triggers profuse sweating is cut. In instances of diseases that trigger hyperhidrosis, a different approach is used.

For a patient with thyroid problem, a treatment or surgery of the thyroid glands could inhibit sweating disorder. Similarly for a diabetic-control of glucose levels reduces excessive sweating initially caused by diabetics.

If taking a prescribed drug gives you sweating discomfort, it is advisable to request a different medication from the doctor. Many people, especially those on hard labor jobs do not recognize excessive sweating as a medical problem. Excessive sweating could have severe consequences on your health. Although excessive sweating could be primary, there is still a great need to seek expert help to give you a chance to know the excessive sweating causes.

Doctors indicate that many people don’t know that treating hyperhidrosis could improve the quality of life of many people, which clearly shows how much many people are not aware that they are experiencing an excessive sweating problem. But now you know.

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