How To Apply Stick, Gel, Powdered & Spray Deodorants Correctly/Properly For Best Results

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Your main goal is to smell fresh and nice by wearing the best deodorant in town. After getting your spanking new deodorant, you open the lid or the cap and apply it on your underarm, also called armpits or any other applicable part of your body; in a way that you are certain you have done it correctly. However, the problem arises, a few hours later, when you don’t feel the fresh smell anymore. What did you do wrong? You pop up the deodorant again, while in your special room, and rub it on your skin, this time a bit harder or by applying a large layer than before. But still, this does not give you the best results that you desire. Are you applying deodorant effectively or correctly as required? Funny enough, this problem occurs in both men and women who use deodorant to achieve the natural freshness and remain sweat free all day long. Worry no more, in this short article, I will share with you the best way to apply, use or put on stick, gel, powder or spray deodorants for best results, for over 24 hours. But first, what are deodorants?

What is a Deodorant?

According to the Food and Drug Administration, also abbreviated as FDA, a deodorant is a product designed to mask or get rid of body odor by introducing a sweet or desirable fragrance.


General Rules of Applying Deodorant

  • Shop for your preferred deodorant –The first thing to do is to shop around for your most preferred deodorant, for example, the stick, gel, spray, or even the powdered deodorant. Many people in the use prefer the stick deodorant, which is used by both men and women. You can also select either the scented or unscented deodorant.
  • Read the label – The second thing to do is to take time and read the label or manual contained in the deodorant packaging to ensure that you understand the deodorant’s ingredients and also the application procedure provided by the manufacturer.
  • Take a shower – Before putting on or wearing a deodorant, it is no longer basic to take a thorough shower with soap and water. Your main objective is to smell fresh and this starts with showering. Applying a deodorant on a dirty skin makes it even worse as the deodorant will mix up with sweat and dirt, leading to a bad smell. Ensure that your underarms are clean and well shaved before applying any deodorant.
  • Take about 1 or two days after shaving before applying the deodorant – One major mistake that people do is to apply deodorant immediately after shaving on the underarm. This can lead to a lot of itching and skin irritation. You may need to give your skin some time to heal, at least for 48 hours before applying the deodorant.
  • Apply deodorant before going to bed – It is shocking to many that deodorant is most effective when applied just before you go to sleep or to bed. Many people have a tendency of applying deodorant in the morning, just before going for a meeting. This is wrong, as your body sweats more starting in the morning, when you dash out for your day chores. It is advisable to shower in the evening and allow your body to dry properly for about 30 minutes or so and apply the deodorant, then jump in bed when dressed in your sweat absorbing attire.

A Video by Madeleine on How to Apply Deodorant for Instant Dryness

How to use a Stick Deodorant Effectively

Some people prefer the stick deodorant types, which have a rolling ball that is designed to roll on your skin as the deodorant fluid is applied on your skin. The following steps are essential for you to apply the stick deodorant effectively:

  • Clean the skin thoroughly – Mostly, deodorants are used in your underarms, therefore, you are required to take a good shower, or simply clean the underarm properly and dry it with a towel. Allow the skin to dry properly for some time for best results.
  • Open the deodorant cap – Take note that some deodorant caps are tightly sealed, so you may need to open either by unwinding it or pulling it up.
  • Get rid of any sealing – Many deodorant come with a tight seal, which helps protect the deodorant from spilling off or any form of tampering. Some deodorants are alcohol based, which requires a tight seal to prevent the alcohol from evaporating away, further losing the value of the deodorant.
  • Roll the wheel on your skin effectively – Apply the deodorant properly in your underarm by rolling the wheel up and down to ensure that you put the required amount of deodorant. Do not over apply, which can make your underarm/armpit messy. Put a recommended thin layer of deodorant for great results. Do the same to the other underarm.
  • Balance the application – Ensure that each underarm receives equal amounts of deodorant layer. Begin rolling the wheel at the center and move up and down, including side, which maximizes the amount of deodorant you apply.
  • Replace the cap of the deodorant – Always ensure that you replace the cap immediately after using the deodorant to prevent it from drying off. Also, store it in a cool dry place to ensure that it remains under the required conditions for increased effectiveness the next time you use it.
  • Give the deodorant time to dry on your skin – Take some time before wearing your clothes after applying the deodorant on your underarm. This will also prevent your clothes from getting into contact with the wet deodorant, making everything messy.

How to Apply a Spray Deodorant the Right Way

Many people prefer the spray deodorant for a bunch of reasons. They are easy to use and you achieve your natural freshness fast. Furthermore, spray deodorants do not leave any messy residue on your skin or clothes. Spray deodorants help mask the body odor effectively as they are designed with different ingredients and products, such as natural oils that enhances sweet or natural fragrance. Check the following steps for applying the spray deodorant correctly.

  • Clean your skin – The paramount objective to put in mind is to ensure that your underarm is clean before spraying the deodorant. Using the deodorant on a dirty or sweaty and smelly skin can increase the chances of irritation and itchiness. Most of all, the spray deodorant will not give you the most desirable results.
  • Remove the lid – Always check the lid of the deodorant spray and either unwind or pull it up depending on how it is designed.
  • Shake well – It is always advisable to shake the spray deodorant before using it to ensure that you mix up the liquid inside for increased effectiveness. In most cases, the deodorant was standing for long on the shelf and may need a little shaking to mix up the content for a balanced effect.
  • Apply directly on your skin – Many people apply deodorant sprays on their clothes, but this is not advisable if you desire to get rid of your body odor. You need to place the deodorant inches close to your skin and press the spray button. Allow even spraying on your skin for even application. Do this on the other armpit for increased results.
  • Replace the lid – Tightly replace the lid of the deodorant spray to ensure that it is tightly closed. Most of the sprays are alcohol based, which means that they must be tightly closed to prevent the alcohol from evaporating. If the alcohol base evaporates, the product may not work properly as designed.

How to Put on a Powder Deodorant Properly

Some people like using powder deodorants to mask their sweating problem. Powder can give you an extra comfort for over 24 hours a day if applied properly. Check the following essential steps of applying the deodorant powder on your armpit.

  • Take a good shower – The primary thing is to ensure that you have taken a good shower before applying the powder. Dry your body properly; especially the underarm skin to ensure that it is dry. You can consider taking about 30 minutes drying off your body for maximum results.
  • Unwind the lid – Take your time to unwind the lid with a lot of care, to avoid spilling the powder. Remove any seal used to prevent any contamination of the powder or spilling.
  • Put some powder on your fingers – Normally, many people use their fingers or the palm of their hands to apply the powder. This can be sometimes messy, and some manufacturers consider providing an applying tool. If you have an applying tool, then use it to scope the powder nicely from the bottle and apply it gently on your underarm or specific areas on your body where you intend to control sweating and body odor.
  • Wear your sweat clothes – You can put on your clothes gently to avoid any messy spill of powder to your clothes. It can be inevitable to prevent powder from getting o on your clothes, but with slow and accurate dressing, you can have minimal spread of powder.
  • Put back the lid – Always be careful when putting back the lid of the product to ensure that the powder does not spill. Also, do not forget to tie back the lid to the maximum to prevent any spill. Also proper closing of the cap helps keep the product in good state until you use it next time. Some products are affected by light or other contaminants. Most of all, water can destroy the powder deodorant.
  • Retire to bed – Go to bed immediately after applying the powder deodorant on your skin and give the deodorant powder the time to work effectively.
  • Clean your hands or the applying tool thoroughly – Do not forget to clean your hands or the application tool after applying the powder deodorant.

How to Use/Apply a Gel Deodorant Properly

Some people like the gel deodorant more than other options, like powder or spray deodorant. Some find it more effective and even easy to apply on the body.  Check the following essential steps to follow when applying gel for best results.

  • Take a bath or clean your skin properly – Gel powder must never be applied on a dirty or sweaty skin. It is recommended to first take a shower or clean the specific area with bacterial soap and water before applying the gel deodorant. Most of all, ensure that your skin is properly dry to reduce the chances of irritation or itchiness.
  • Unwrap the packaging – Remove the gel deodorant from the packaging and open the cap of the gel. Some gel deodorants come with a foil, which protects the product from contamination or direct light, which can damage the quality of the deodorant. Therefore, if the product has a foil, then you can remove the foil as well.
  • Press the gel bottle gently – Put the gel on the palm of your hands or on the application tool and apply it on the specific skin area, such as underarm. Spread the gel gently and evenly on your skin for maximum results. Do the same to the other skin region, or armpit. Do not overuse the gel; only ensure that the amount is sufficient to generate a thin layer of gel.
  • Give your underarms/armpits some time to dry – Take some time before wearing your clothes or sleeping attire for the gel to dry off and achieve the best results.
  • Clean your hands or applying tool – Clean your hands or applying tool properly after using the gel to avoid being messy.
  • Store your gel product properly – Keep your gel stashed safely in a cool dry place with the cap tightly closed to prevent spilling or contamination. Storing the product well helps maintain its quality and efficiency when used next time.


The above steps and approaches are clear now. They can help you gain maximum results from the deodorants you buy. You now know how to use the spray, gel, powder or the stick deodorant. Just to remind you, deodorants are helpful in masking sweat and getting rid of body odor. Most of all, proper hygiene gives you natural fresh smell. If you still continue to have excessive sweating problems, including smell problems after sweating, even after using deodorants, then you may need to seek medical attention for a proper diagnosis. Sometimes excessive sweating can be a clear sign of hyperhidrosis that can be managed well with a wide range of sweat control products.

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