How to Stop Underarm/Armpit Sweating Permanently and Naturally: Home Remedies in 2020

How to Stop Underarm Armpit Sweating Permanently and Naturally Home Remedies [Source -]

Have you tried using deodorants and antiperspirants to stop sweaty and smelly armpits with no success? Maybe you have a sensitive skin that becomes itchy or easily irritated whenever you use antiperspirants or deodorants. Some people find the aluminum chloride or salts in the antiperspirants irritating on their skin, especially the armpits and they swear never to use antiperspirants, but how can you stop underarm sweating and odor permanently? You may need to consider other natural ways of stopping underarm or armpit sweating.

These days more than ever, many people have started seeking natural ways of solving problems. This includes the home remedies for problems. It is common to find the Do It Yourself DIY rule working more these days than before. If you have the necessary tools or materials back at home, why not use them.

Many people are beginning to become conscious of their bodies while some people have a natural fear for using chemical products on their skin. The fear of ‘something may go wrong’ is beyond measure. In this regard, it is better to try out natural products on your skin and be sure that you have protected your skin by trying out only skin friendly products. Many natural products originate from foodstuffs and juices that we can take them as food or beverages. Therefore, this proves that they are natural and safe on the skin.

13 Home Remedies: Natural Ways of Controlling Armpit Sweating

There are many home remedies that you can use that have actually worked for many people at home or at school without breaking the bank. Check the following home remedies, also known as the natural ways of stopping or controlling underarm sweating. You can follow these recommended approaches to stop your sweating armpit problem permanently.

1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar Sourc - Woolworths


This is a home remedy that offers a wide range of health benefits. In particular, it is ideal for regulating blood sugar, including heartburn, and is also used by many people in lowering weight. Many people today apply apple cider vinegar directly on their skin to control sweating. In this case, it is effective in destroying bacteria and further aids in decreasing the size of your sweat pores. You can use a soft cloth to apply it directly in your armpit for increased results. Give it a few minutes to dry off, then wear your clothes. Some people consider taking the apple cider vinegar directly as a drink. You can mix it with some honey and take it for best results.

2. Green and black tea home remedy

Green and black tea home remedy Source - Aroma Inbox


Green and black tea remedies are natural remedies known for controlling sweat. These are home remedies that have been used traditionally for long with great benefits. Mainly, the black and green tea contain vitamin B and magnesium ingredients that are active in decreasing the size of your sweat pores further decreasing the rate of sweating. This is the time for you to say goodbye to your coffee retailer and pick on the black or green tea. Some people use the black tea directly on their sweaty skin area, for example, the armpit. You can do this to achieve the natural sweat control effects. You can use a piece of cotton cloth. Dip it in a cup of hot black tea and dab it on your skin, specifically, the highly sweaty region of your body, such as the armpit/underarm. This will allow the active ingredients to work directly on your sweat pores, further reducing the excessive sweating problem. After applying on your skin, give it about 20 minutes or so to dry and then put on your sweat pants or pajama and sleep off. The following day, clean off the residue with soapy water and enjoy the natural freshness all day long.

3. Tomato juice

Tomato juice Source - Simply Recipes


Tomatoes, apart from being a great food ingredient, they are considered part of natural products that can be used to control sweating problem. It has since been discovered that tomato juice contains a natural ingredient that reduce your sweat pores, further reducing the excessive sweating. Furthermore, tomatoes are very good with controlling body temperature. Many people have found it worthy to drink tomato juice every day. If you do not enjoy the tomato juice, you can consider applying the tomato juice directly on your skin and rinse it off after 20 minutes with soap and water, just before you go to bed.

4. Baking soda home remedy

How To Cure Underarm Sweating Naturally


This is a famously used natural remedy for controlling sweating problem. Baking soda can be found easily in your retail stores. Baking soda is an alkaline solution that neutralizes the sweat on your body, further acting as a natural deodorant. For your information, many deodorants contain baking soda ingredients, which help you remain fresh. The baking soda prevents your body from smelling as a result of the sweat. Ensure that the solution, when applied on your skin does not remain there for more than 20 minutes or so. Clean it off effectively with soap and water to prevent any residue remaining that may cause skin irritation and or even rushes.

5. Corn starch liquid

Corn starch liquid Source - WikiHow


This is a commonly known moisture absorbing agent that can be used to control your sweating problem. You can apply the corn starch oil on your skin, specifically on the sweaty region, such as the armpit and give it about 30 minutes till it dries off. Wipe the residue dry with soap and water and a wet towel.

6. Wheat grass juice remedy

Wheat grass juice Source - Healthline


This is commonly used in body detoxing and skin massage as it has the essential ingredients used to keep the skin healthy and smooth. For example, it contains vitamin A, C, and even folic acid that are essential in the body. Nowadays, people have started using wheat grass juice as a natural remedy for sweaty skins.

7. Potato pulp

Potato pulp home remedy Source - wildernesswife


The potassium ingredient that is contained in potatoes and related foods are essential in helping absorb excessive sweat on your skin. Therefore, this can be the best remedy for your sweaty armpit. You can cut a slice of potato and rub it gently under your armpit for few minutes for maximum results/effects. Remember to clean your armpit before and after.

8. Lemon juice

Lemon juice Source - IndiaMART


Lemon juice is a natural remedy for controlling bacteria and also regulating sweating. Many people have started using lemon together with coconut oil and baking soda to increase the effects on sweaty armpits. You can apply lemon juice in your armpit and allow it to dry off for about 30 minutes before washing it off to prevent irritation.

9. The tee tree oil home remedy

Tee tree oil Source Simaro


Some people who sweat excessively are known to have sweating bacteria on their skin. In this case, the tee tree oil is essential when mixed with vinegar and applied directly in the underarm for great results. It takes a few days for the application to show positive results. Do this daily and remember to clean off the applied area with soap and water.

10. Talcum powder

Talcum powder Source IndiaMART


This powder is commonly used by people who often have excessive sweaty armpits, including the yellow staining on their shirts and vests. The talcum powder can help reduce the sweating and also the staining. You need to take a pinch of the talcum powder and apply it gently on the underarm and wear your shirt and wait for talcum powder to absorb sweat and moisture naturally.

11. Rose water

Rose Water with Mist Source - LevenRose
Rose Water with Mist Source – LevenRose


This is a component that is culturally used to control the rate of sweating through the natural ingredients contained in the rose water that penetrate the skin layers, further reducing the size of the sweat pores, and controlling the sweating. The rose water contains natural antioxidants that help in maintaining the skin, turning it natural smooth, soft and less sweaty.

12. Grapes

Grapes Source - Dimidwa


Grapes are known to be special fruits for the human body. It contains antioxidants that help with regulating your body temperature, further controlling your sweat. It is therefore advisable to have some grapes on your table occasionally.

13. Milk

Milk Source - dreamstime


Milk contains calcium that is essential in regulating your body temperature. When your body temperature is fully regulated, then it is possible for you to experience a natural drop in the rate of sweating. People who take a glass of milk at least on a daily basis, have indicated that their sweaty problems have reduced to over 50%, further leading a more comfortable life than there before. Ensure that you take milk with low fat that is rich in calcium and other related healthy ingredients.

Quick Tips to Reduce Excessive Armpit Sweating

1. Stay away from processed foods

Many processed food are known to cause obesity and problems with overweight. Ensure that you take natural foods that have essential components and ingredients that help with skin care as well as regulating body temperature.

2. Drink plenty of water

Water is a natural medicine that helps with boosting the quality of your skin. People with a smooth skin often take plenty of water. Water helps clean up the body cells and tissues, including helping with releasing toxins, and keeping your sweat pores healthy, further preventing excessive sweating. Whenever your sweat pores are blocked, you may tend to sweat excessively.

3. Shower regularly

You are advised to consider showering regularly to keep your skin healthy. An unhealthy skin often triggers the sweat pores to generate lots of sweat to help with expelling the toxins out of the skin. Therefore, with constant cleaning of the skin, your skin becomes healthy and clean, further allowing your body to regain normal body functions, including natural sweating.

4. Wear undershirts, such as vests

Do not wear just a shirt if you know that you are always sweating or you have a problem of sweating excessively. Try and put on an undershirt or a vest to help absorb excessive sweat from your body. The undershirt will help you prevent the sweat from absorbing through the shirt and most of all keep you fresh all day long.

5. Clean shave your armpits

You may need to ensure that you have shaved your armpit regularly. The hairs in the armpit are known to trap dirt and even sweat, leading to increased sweating in your underarm as a biological body function to expel, the dirt or residue accumulated in the armpit. Shaving the armpit clean brings back the natural sweating, leaving you without the problem of excessive or severe sweating.

6. Change your diet

You may need to change your diet to alternative diets to find out whether the kind of diet you take is a cause for your excessive sweating. This applies in the cases where your sweating problem started recently or is inclined to the type of food or ingredients in certain foods.

7. Engage in exercises

Take up special exercises programs, such as yoga to help your body to regulate its temperatures. You can learn to connect your body and mind and use this ability, for example, in yoga to boost your body’s ability to regulate its temperature and sweating. This is often a holistic approach that has been used in many traditional communities, for example, in Asia for boosting natural healing of the body through exercises.

8. Use the coconut oil remedy

This is medicinal oil that has been used for many years to treat a myriad of skin problems amid other health conditions. Coconut oil, that is naturally extracted from the coconut can be cooked in food and provide health benefits, including helping you control sweating problem naturally. However, if you desire to stop sweating on a specific area of your body, for example, on your armpit/underarm, then you can use the coconut oil as massage oil and target this area for maximum results. There are some products out there in the market that contain coconut oil that can still provide you great results. However, it will be absolutely natural when you apply the coconut oil directly on your skin. After applying it on your body, give it some time to take effect on your body before rinsing it off with soapy water.

9. Use aloe vera

Aloe Vera is commonly known as a herb that cures tones of health problems. It is also known to provide solutions to skin problems, including sweaty conditions. Aloe vera can be in the form of juice or gel. You can apply the aloe vera sap directly on your skin, specifically, the area that you prefer, for example, the armpit for maximum results. The gel also works wonders, but the sap obtained from aloe vera is absolutely natural, that is if you can find it or have it in your backyard. Remember to clean off the skin with warm water and antibacterial soap, including your fingers to get rid of the aloe vera sap that may taste bitter; equally, it can be irritating to the eyes.


As indicated above, everyone is thinking about ways to DIY. Considering that the skin is the largest human organ and precious as well, you are left with all the desire to protect it whatsoever. This can only be done best by using home remedies that are super safe of your skin. Some chemical ingredients are irritating and may even cause rashes and itchiness.  This is why we came up with the home remedies and natural ways of controlling sweaty armpits. If the above-mentioned home remedies and natural ways to stop underarm sweating do not work, you may need to seek further medical checkup. Your doctor will need to check your clinical history as well as family history for further guidance and assistance.

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