Nanny Fired After Getting COVID19 From Boss’s Son

Oyindamola Oluwaseun Ajibare Fired for COVID19 Lagos Nigeria

In brief:

  • Oyindamola Oluwaseun Ajibare says that she was fired after contracting corona virus from her boss’s son, who came back from the UK with the virus (COVID19);
  • The victim said that she felt so bad when she was fired by her boss;
  • Her boss later claimed that she had stolen her laptop, which made her feel stigmatized;
  • Just 9 days after she tested positive of Corona Virus, she recovered.

The nanny, who was diagnosed with Corona Virus, claimed that her boss made the decision of sacking her, simply because she contracted the deadly virus.

Ms. Ajibare, is a nanny living and working in Lagos Nigeria. She claims that she acquired Covid19 from her boss’s son, who had travelled back from the UK.

She claims that she realized that her boss had fired her while she was in hospital isolation center, after contracting corona virus.

She said, “I suspect I got the virus from my boss’s 11-year-old kid. I resumed work on Wednesday, March 11, and the boy returned from UK on Monday, March 23.”

The boss’s son had severe coughs and fever that promoted the boss (the mother) to call the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC).

Oyindamola Oluwaseun Ajibare Fired for COVID19 Lagos

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The nanny continued to state that she was still in contact with the boy as her caregiver, even as they waited for the corona test results.

“While we waited for the result, the boy was always in his room, but as his caregivers, we always had contact with him. I suspect I got infected on the very day he arrived,’ said Ms. Ajibare.

“The day NCDC came to the house to test the boy, I started feeling some symptoms, itchy eyes and aching joints, but I just attributed it to stress,” said Ms. Ajibare.

Ms. Ajibare continued to say that she was subjected to a lot of stigma, especially following when she was diagnosed with Corona Virus. She also was quick to state that her quick recovery was linked to her strong immunity.

Ms. Ajibare was kept in quarantine isolation and later on tested negative for corona virus, which was about 9 days following her admission.

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Oyindamola Oluwaseun Ajibare Fired for COVID19 Nigeria

“A person’s immune system and state of mind are necessary for fighting the virus. I faced stigma. I think your body fights this thing and also the state of your mind because I was never afraid of the virus and stayed positive,” said Ms. Ajibare.

Ms. Ajibare continues to say that she was the second person to be discharged from the health care facility. And before her discharge they were about 30 people.

Her worst nightmare started when she came back to her boss, only to realze that she was fired. She had no job anymore, yet her boss’s son was the one who infected her with the deadly virus, in her view.

She said that in false pretext, her boss claimed that Ms. Ajibare had stolen her laptop. She was sad that her boss claimed that she will tell everyone not to employ her in the future. This left her utterly depressed, considering that her boss when to the extent of calling her agency to purport lies about her conduct.

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