Odaban Antiperspirant Spray: Product Review and Buyers Guide in 2020














  • Contains safe ingredients
  • Is used to cure all forms of sweating conditions, such as sweaty feet, underarms and even sweaty face and palms
  • Sold in double or tripple pack
  • Easy to apply
  • Gives you fast relief


  • May irritate eyes, therefore apply cautiously in the face
  • May cause skin irritation, especially when applied for the first time, but this stops with time

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Odaban antiperspirant spray is an innovative and one of a kind product that helps stop excessive or severe sweating. Odaban product has been in the market for the last 30 years with increasing number of happy users every new day. Odaban antiperspirant spray gives you a chance to restore your natural skin that had since been damaged by excessive sweating, which cause body rashes and the never-ending body smell also called body odor. Body rashes are the number one source of problems that many heavy sweaters complain about, which Odaban is distinctively designed to address. Equally, body odors can be a leading cause of discomfort and embarrassment in people, something that Odaban’s special ingredients are designed to get rid of efficiently. Above all, Odaban brings in the 100% safety approval that every antiperspirant user desires. This product is tested by the means of radio-isotopes that prove that the ingredients used in Odaban do not interfere with the natural way the sweat glands work – generating sweat. Odaban does not stop you from experiencing perspiration. It is designed to allow your biological process to continue as normal. However, it helps stop excessive sweating, leaving you feeling fesha nd dry all the time as this Odaban review will outline.

What is Odaban Antiperspirant Spray?

Odaban Antiperspirant Spray multi

Odaban is an innovative antiperspirant spray that not only contains the common aluminum chloride/salts that are found in ordinary antiperspirants in the local stores. Odaban is a new-fangled product formulated with an engineered technology in mind that involves poral plugs that are designed from the amalgamation of skin proteins and aluminum salts. Odaban is designed to provide a myriad of sweat control uses that cover from facial all the way to the feet, including, underarms, hands/palms and other related areas of the body that experience excessive sweating. Odaban can also be applied on you back to increase the general results, considering that many people with hyperhidrosis, a condition associated with heavy sweating, often sweat in the back, especially when they sleep. it is really effective on people who develop feet cracks as a result of excessive sweating. It also works best in eradicating domineering body odor, leaving you smelling fresh all day long. Odaban is a clear definition of sweat control power, where you no longer need to endure problems sweating excessively. Odaban is also resourceful to people with prosthetics, as it helps offer safe control of excessive sweating without causing any discomfort, such as irritation or skin itchiness.

What are the Features of Odaban Antiperspirant Spray?

Antiperspirant spray

Odaban is designed as a spray, which give the users a great experience while applying it on their bodies. You only need to spray and off you are good to go. Many antiperspirants, available in the market are in the form of creams or powder, which may be sometimes messy, if not applied properly. Some of the commonly known antiperspirants leave residue that must be carefully cleaned off with soapy water to ensure that your sweat pores are not blocked and for increased efficiency. Furthermore, one of the best things about an antiperspirant spray is that they give you an even application. How to apply sweat control products has always given many users problems based on what is sufficient or for positive results. Many users of sweat control products have problems determining the rigt amount of antiperspirant or deodorant to apply. With Odaban, applying it in your underarm is much easier than ever before.

General Purpose

Odaban is a unique kind of antiperspirant in the market that is designed to address more than one type of sweating problem. Often, ordinary antiperspirants are designed to control only one type of sweating condition, for example, sweaty feet. However, this seems to be a limiting feature that Odaban outshines perfectly. Odaban can be used to control sweaty feet, while at the same time used effectively for controlling sweaty armpits, including sweaty palms and sweaty face. This feature makes it an all in one kind of sweat control product that gives the customer an extra reason to buy Odaban on Amazon. This explains why thousands of happy customers continue to consider Odaban antiperspirant spray their most preferred product.

Safe ingredients

Odaban spray is designed with the latest technology and engineering knowledge, which entails a combination of two main ingredients of the product, which is aluminum and skin proteins, which work best to control excessive sweating. Many antiperspirants rely merely on aluminum salts, which may cause skin irritation to some users. However, Odaban seek to not only prevent skin irritation but also put an end to skin irritation, caused by excessive sweating. The combination of the two ingredients, skin proteins and aluminum salts, helps protect your skin, further preventing you from rashes and skin irritation, which are uncomfortable. Most of all, this combination helps prevent the blockage of the sweat pores, further allowing your sweat glands to continue producing sweat, however, at normal levels, bringing back your natural freshness. Remember, sweating is a biological process that must not be hindered, which helps control, primarily your body temperature amid other vital roles in the body, such as expelling toxins.

Can be applied distinctively

Odaban is designed to provide a great relief to people experiencing sweating problems on distinctive parts of their bodies in isolation to other parts. For example, this product can be used to control the excessive sweating of one underarm perfectly to meet the normal sweating level of the other underarm. This is a distinctive feature that makes it one of a kind. Many antiperspirants are required to be applied in both armpits and areas of the body to achieve equal or balanced effects.  All you need is to ensure that other parts of your body are well covered to prevent spilling over. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the specific part of your body is well cleaned with soapy water and perefectly dried before spraying it with Odaban antiperspirant spray.

What are the Pros and Cons of Odaban Spray?


30 ml,single, two, X3 Multipack

One of the great things about Odaban spray is that it is packed in either a single pack or a X3 pack, which allows you to choose the one that fits your budget and usage as well. Many people prefer the triple pack, which offers a long-term usage, as compared to the single pack that may get finished at your greatest time of need. Many users claim that the triple pack saves them a lot, especially the problem of rushing to order a new bottle, especially when traveling or on a busy schedule.

Easy to apply

One of the best things to note about Odaban  is that it is easy to apply as compared to other types f antiperspirants. You only need to spray it and that’s it. Many people have problems handling the cream and powder antiperspirants, which can be messy especially on the clothes.

Fast relief

Nothing beats Odaban spray in the market on account of its efficiency on your body. Odaban works miracles in just the firt week of application. Many users often claim to see the results with three to four applications, which make it effective. It is however, advisable to adhere to the scheduled application procedure for great results.


Can irritate the eyes

Odaban spray is known to cause eye irritation, when applied in the face. Therefore, users are advised to ensure that they protect their eyes as much as possible, including areas around the eyes. You need to apply on your face while your eyes are closed and also apply a small amount on your face and scalp to reduce the chances of eye irritation. Alternatively, you can spray in your hand and apply in your face for maximum results and minimal eye contact.

May cause skin irritation

Odaban spray antiperspirant may cause skin irritation especially the initial times of application as your skin adjust to normal, where the irritation will fade and go away completely. Some people tend not to get any skin irritations, however, other people, mostly with sensitive skin, tend to feel some mild irritations, which goes away with the second or third application.

Any Available Alternative to Odaban Spray?


Odaban is so far among the best antiperspirant in the market, with great benefits and many satisfied and happy users. However, if for some reason, Odaban spray does not gratify you, you can consider alternative sweat control products that will work best for you. Your main gal here is to ensure that you maximize the results, with minimal or no side effects or negative results.

You can check out sweat block, which is safe and gentle on your skin. Sweat block is designed with special application towels that are soaked with the sweat control product ingredients. The towels can be used for about one week on any part of your body where you experience excessive sweating.  Equally, you can also try out certain dri, which is a stick design type that can increase the results on your skin through rolling it on your skin. The ball on this product is designed to maximize application for great results. It is also safe on your skin and does not cause much skin irritation. You can also try out Zero Sweat, which is ideal too as it is gentle on your skin and work wonders.


Odaban antiperspirant spray on Amazon is out of the ordinary sweat control product as stipulated in this product review and buyers guide. Odaban spray is designed with innovative technology, despite its extended time in the industry. It is the product that users find quite useful based on its diversified, distinctive and multi-purpose use. It is resourceful and even long-lasting specially when purchased in tri packs. You no longer need different antiperspirants for different parts of your body, for example, one for your sweaty hands, another for the sweaty feet, and another for sweaty face or another one for your sweaty underarms. All you need is one specially designed spray antiperspirant that serves you all the purpose. Its time you get rid of not only sweaty problems but also the odor and the rashes associated with excessive sweating. Let your skin appear smooth and natural, while your sweat pores retain their biological purpose. Sweating should be enjoyable but not embarrassing. Over and above, the application of antiperspirants should be effortless, but not clumsy and messy on your body.

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