Purax Antiperspirant Roll On Extra Strong Review in 2020

PURAX Antiperspirant Roll On Extra Strong Review













  • FDA and dermatologist recommended
  • Does not stain clothes
  • Smells great
  • Super effective with only one or two swipes
  • Works perfect in line with other deodorants/perfumes


  • May cause skin irritation
  • Used only in the underarms
  • Avoid using on broken skin

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PURAX antiperspirant roll on extra is one of a kind antiperspirant and deodorant that is approved to offer the best results in terms of curing excessive sweating also called hyperhidrosis. You will definitely achieve 100% maximum protection by using Purax Antiperspirant that is unisex, which means that it can be used by both men and ladies alike as showed in this review.

Purax roll on extra strong is indeed super strong in curing underarm sweating, leaving you smelling extra fresh all day long, in just less than 7 days. Purax deodorant roll on is perfectly designed for people who suffer the most from excessive sweating. The roll on ball is super cool on the skin, as it rolls smoothly while leaving a thin layer of Purax extra strong on your skin, which is highly effective in controlling severe sweating.

You only need to use Purax deodorant roll on extra strong once a week to achieve great results. Purax has special formulae that helps seal the sweat glands found in your underarm and further stops excessive sweating. After freshening up in the shower and drying off the moisture on your skin, and ready to jump in bed, apply two or three swipes of Purax Antiperspirant roll on extra strong in your underarm/armpit for almost a week and experience a cool and fresh lifestyle.

One amazing thing about Purax Roll On is that it does not weaken even with washing like many other deodorants and antiperspirants. The effectiveness of this product is that does not lower even after showering, this explains why you only use it for a week to gain tremendous results. On top of this, Purax extra strong can be integrated with other types of deodorants, sprays or perfumes without any problems at all. With good usage, it is amazing that only a 50ml bottle of Purax can keep your fresh for over a year as we present in this product review.

What are the Features of Purax Antiperspirant Roll On?

Purax Antiperspirant Roll On Extra Strong Review

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 Purax Extra Strong is a strong product, just as the name suggests, which controls excessive sweating in both men and women. It is designed with special formulae that this Purax Antiperspirant review touches on some of the outstanding ones, which are profound ingredients:

  • Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate – This is also referred to as aluminum salts, which are designed to control the sweat glands from producing excessive sweat further leaving you extra dry and fresh.
  • Aloe Barbadensis Gel –This is another word for Aloe Vera, which stands for a plant that thrives well in the dessert and that has special attributes, such as anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects. These features are special and ideal in maintaining the skin, further reducing excessive sweating. It also prevents sun burn.
  • Water – It is an important element in Purax Roll on that helps moisturize the skin, making it extra soft and healthy, bearing in mind excessive sweating leads to excess loss of water on the skin.
  • Glycerin – It is a colorless liquid with a lot of purposes, but in deodorants and or antiperspirants, it is used to eradicate bad odor in sweat. Therefore, it is ideal in Purax as it gets rid of bas smell of sweat.
  • Alcohol – It is an important feature in Purax Deodorant as it helps evaporate the excessive sweat easily and leaving behind a nice cool feeling on the skin.
  • Citric Acid – This is a component that is commonly found in some citrus fruits, such as Lemon and is ideal in regulating excessive sweating, by reducing the size of the sweat glands, leading to low sweating in people with hyperhidrosis.
  • Fragrance – This is the reason why Purax antiperspirant extra strong gets rid of bad odor of the underarm, leaving you smelling super fresh and dry.
  • Sodium Benzoate – This is a chemical substance that exists in the form of sodium salts, especially when dissolved to moisture or sweat. Therefore, it is applicable in reducing the sweat glands, and further lowering the rate of production of sweat.
  • Potassium Sorbate – This is also known as white salt or sorbic acid that is known to be highly soluble in water. Therefore, it is ideal in regulating the sweat production by the sweat glands.

How to use Purax Deodorant Roll on Extra Strong

Purax Deodorant Roll On Review

How to use Purax Antiperspirant Roll On effectively is important before anything else. Learning or understanding the steps needed when using Purax is invaluable as this determines how to achieve great results. In this Purax Deodorant review, we present the basic steps and ways of using this roll on and achieve positive results. Some heavy sweaters have tried using a large amount of Purax extra strong with the hope of increasing the results, but ended up with adverse negative results instead. Therefore, check the following steps that help increase the positive results.

  • Shower before applying Purax Antiperspirant – One of the most paramount things to consider before applying Purax roll on on your skin is to ensure that you have washed your skin thoroughly and cleared off any residue on your skin. This helps increase the chances of absorption into your skin for increased results.
  • Dry off the moisture – Immediately after showering, all you need to do is to dry off the moisture or water on your skin to avoid any irritation that may come as a result of the product getting into contact with water on your skin. In many cases, whenever your skin is moist, you may feel some irritation. Therefore, dry off your skin completely.
  • Avoid applying Purax Roll on immediately after shaving – It is advisable to avoid applying Purax extra strong after shaving. Shaving sometimes can cause skin breaking and when Purax penetrates the broken skin, you may end up feeling itchy or irritating. Always give your skin sufficient time to heal off after shaving for a couple of days before applying Purax roll on.
  • Swipe two times – It is recommended that you only swipe two times or so, up and down or side to side, which is effective. You may not need to apply a thick layer of the product with the hope of achieving great results. Instead, this may lead to negative results. Always apply a minimal amount of Purax for great results.
  • Apply just before going to bed – Most of all, Purax antiperspirant roll on works best when you apply just before jumping in bed. Many people believe that they need to apply any roll on before they leave their house for work or their daily chores. However, this is not advisable when it comes to Purax. Shower before going to bed, and upon drying off all the moisture well, apply like advised in this product review article and get in bed and allow the product to do its job when your body is at its best in terms of absorbing the product. During the day, your body is active and may not absorb the product better as compared to at night when your body’s metabolic rate is low.

What are the Pros and Cons of Purax Antiperspirant?

One of the best things to consider before buying any product is the pros and cons of the product. It is always important to learn more about the possible benefits that you will get and any side effects, by any chance, that you may get and how to avoid the negative effects. In this Purax Deodorant Roll on Review article, we put forward a detailed outline of the pros and cons, subject to thorough research. This information will help you make a strong decision before buying this product.

Purax Deodorant Review


  • Beautifully designed brand product packaging – One of the best things to note abut Purax is that it is designed superbly with a strong brand, which means that you can proudly carry it around even at work and pop it out frankly without any worry of embarrassment and apply it on. This implies to whenever you are traveling out on a tour or excursion and you need to carry Purax roll on with you everywhere you go.
  • FDA and dermatologist recommended – Purax deodorant is FDA approved and also recommended by renowned dermatologists for safety and effectiveness. You can therefore feel comfortable using this product.
  • Does not stain clothes – You can use Purax on any type of clothes and colors without worrying whether it will stain them. It is designed to leave no markings or stains that may leave you embarrassed.
  • Smells great – It is designed with special ingredients that include special fragrance that is important in clearing off the smelly sweat. This makes it ideal for athletes or people working in labor intensive working environments, such as engineering or even nursing that may require you to walk or stand for too long on end, thus experiencing sweaty and smelly underarms.
  • Super effective with only one or two swipes – You do not need to apply a large amount of Purax roll on to achieve great results. But only a swipe or two gives you tremendous results. This is sufficient to last you 7 days on end without a need to swipe again.
  • It is not washed away by washing/showering – You do not need to worry about reapplying after showering as Purax Deodorant is designed to remain strong even after showering. This makes it simply magical.
  • Works perfect in line with other deodorants/perfumes – You do not need to stop any other fragrances or perfumes you use while using Purax. It works perfectly without any precautions needed.


  • May cause skin irritation – Some users indicate that Purax roll on extra strong may sometimes cause skin irritation, especially when used for the first time. However, this ceases with time and your skin becomes used to it. Furthermore, some users claim that Purax may cause skin irritation for people with sensitive skin or hyperactive skin. In this regard, you need to be conscious about your skin type before using Purax or any other product containing aluminum salts that may cause skin irritation in some cases.
  • Used only in the underarms – The manufacturers indicate that Purax antiperspirant roll on extra strong is specially designed for the underarms, more so the roll on ball that rolls smoothly on the soft underarm skin. However, some users have indicated that it is also effective in the palms and feet– it has helped them reduce sweaty hands and sweaty feet.
  • Avoid using on broken skin –It is always advisable to avoid using Purax deodorant on broken skin as it can cause skin irritation. In some cases, this can lead to rashes that may need urgent medical checkup. Also, do not use Purax roll on immediately after shaving as the broken skin can become itchy and irritating.

Possible Alternatives to Purax Roll on

This Purax Roll on review has outlined some of the pros and cons that give you an extra reason to select this product or not. However, if you feel may be you need an alternative product that suits your needs. Then you can check out the following products that are recommended as well for controlling excessive sweating perfectly.

  • Sweatex Disposable underarm sweat pads – These are natural types of products that are placed in the underarm and help absorb the sweat, further keeping you dry all day long.
  • Odaban antiperspirant spray – This is an ideal product that comes as a spray and can be used to cure all forms of sweat conditions, which includes underarm sweating and every other types, such as sweaty feet or hands.
  • Maxim deodorant – This is one of the best products that controls excessive underarm sweating effectively. It is also recommended by over 1000 dermatologists, further making it applicable for curing hyperhidrosis.


Overall, Purax Antiperspirant Roll on Extra Strong is one of a kind product that works strongly to get rid of excessive sweating and leave you fresh and dry. Most of all, it gives you a chance to forget about the smelly sweat, also known as sweat odor that can be somewhat embarrassing. In this Purax Antiperspirant Roll on Extra Strong Review, we looked at various factors about this product that helps you make the right decision whether to buy this product or not.

Mainly, we started with the definition of this product and went on to the features of Purax roll on, just to keep you informed about what it entails and some of the main ingredients that are contained in this product. This review got you updated as well on the pros and cons of the product which is a crucial element in any product in the market.

The verdict for Purax deodorant roll on is that it is over 98% perfect for controlling excessive sweating. Most of all, it is FDA approved and also recommended by dermatologists for skin safety and effectiveness in terms of curing hyperhidrosis. Moreover, many users find it super cost-effective and many consider buying two or three bottles and forget about shopping for Purax for some years to come.

Remember, you need to live a comfortable life, free of extreme sweating that may be sometimes embarrassing. Try out Purax if you are always sweating, and live a happy life. However if symptoms persist, seek medical advice. Check out with your doctor and see further advice and recommendation.

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