Sweaty Hands: Product Reviews and Buyers Guide

Sweatty Hands

Do you struggle with  sweaty hands? Are you always clenching your fists with discomfort every time your hands are filled with sweat, especially when you become emotional or anxious? Sweaty hands is a common problem associated with hyperhidrosis. Sweaty hands may leave you at the mercy of the handkerchief because your hands are always sweating.

This is the reality of sweaty hands. Many people are suffering from sweaty hands syndrome. It is embarrassing to say hi to anyone count not shaking hands with anyone. The worry of wet hands is real. But we have put together a list of various products with high rating from happy customers. Check out the following recommended products that help cure sweaty hands:

Allow me first to share with you a short story on one person who was suffering from sweaty hands: Freddie has for long lived with sweaty hands since he was a toddler. Freddie was 1 year old when his mother realized the dampness of his palms. This is a story that Freddie came to speak about when confronted by a qualified physician.

At the age of 30, he decides to drive to a family doctor. It is surely an embarrassment and so intriguing because this is what Freddie opened up about.

“Exams proved disturbing as my hands would profusely get soaked in sweat.” Soon, as he grew and matured, “mingling with friends became almost impossible. Dating was emotionally draining my feelings. I would regularly mind about greeting or shaking hands. Joining other children in merry games around the school compound is something I dreamed the most.”

Unfortunately, Freddie pursued his dream career, teaching. His sweaty condition did not go unrecognized by the many students he taught. Patches of wet hands on the student books as he read through assignments and white board as he wrote with a felt pen; constantly leaving fingerprints on anything he came into contact with.

“Once more I was handling paperwork, this time spoiling other people’s work! Children would leave funny comments about me soaking my hands in sweat all the time. Laying a hand on them no matter the grievances was out of my scope of work. I did not question how innocently they commented, but I had to live with the shame.”

Few hold a Different Story

Freddie’s story is not unusual. Among the people suffering from hyperhidrosis, 3% to 5% are believed to asymmetrically sweat excessively on their hands.  Research has revealed that 90% of people suffering from excessive sweating experience negative and saddening comments from the community. Hyperhidrosis affects victims in different manners, while, without exception, inflicts great embarrassment to those afflicted by it.

According to Freddie, “sweaty hands causes stressing moments while doing paperwork. Even if one would opt to type on the computer still there is much discomfort using the keyboard. Playing the tunes and beats on musical instruments can be rather awkward indeed.”

This is a common experience and it is important you know what causes sweaty hands and how to cure this problem.

What Causes Sweaty Hands? Why do my Hands Sweat?

There might not be an obvious cause since the sweat glands in the human body affected by hyperhidrosis are normal in location, size, and number. If more often you find sweat dripping uncontrollably from your palms, you are suffering from a condition referred to as palmar hyperhidrosis. While in this condition, you will notice that the eccrine sweat glands in your palm release too much sweat, leaving you with no option but to rush for your handkerchief or wet towels.

We are all have experienced stressful situations although indistinctively different degrees. As it turns out regardless of age and gender we are all affected when stressed. Either we get nervous or stroked by anxiety. Anxiety will not cause excessive sweating, however, can aggravate the problem of sweaty hands; the more you worry about your uncontrollably sweaty hands, the sweatier you become.

The eccrine sweat glands are mostly found in the hands and feet. These glands are linked to the nervous system that starts each time we experience stress.  Sweaty hands can go a long way until old age but for some, it goes away as they develop. In most people, it starts at puberty while others it is inherited from their parents over generations.

How do I Stop Sweaty Hands?

As proven, palmar hyperhidrosis or sweaty hands impacts negatively on people’s lives regardless the dermatologic features. Find out how this embarrassing condition of sweaty hand/palmar hyperhidrosis, yet common, can be treated

So, how can you stop Sweaty Hands? There is a whole range of treatments—the treatments work—for renewing your confidence. The embarrassment will leave you once you work on stopping the sweaty hands.

Applying antiperspirants is the first defense to implement. You can get antiperspirants from over-the-counter chemists. However, avoid prescriptions that could instead cause an irritation on your skin-Aluminium chloride preparations, which prove much stronger, could affect some people causing a skin irritation.

[IMPORTANT] Now, here is how to Apply Antiperspirants:

  • Only apply at night before sleep
  • Do not apply on wet skin. Ensure your skin is completely dry
  • Do not wrap your hands or close them with antiperspirants on them

A second option comes in for more relief, iontophoresis. It involves the use of water by conducting an electric current through the skin. Often effective when the procedure is done two to three times a week. Iontophoresis is successful in most palmar hyperhidrosis treatments. Remember you need to fit in with the medical treatment. To do so, check in with the doctor for prescription on the medical device to purchase, in case you will do it at home. Iontophoresis works by blocking the flow of sweat. The outer layer of the skin thickens hence temporarily shutting the pores on your palms.

Botox (Botulinum toxin) is a more specialized treatment for palmar hyperhidrosis or sweaty hands. Commonly known for wrinkle treatment, Botox injections are also used to remedy sweaty palms. The injection is less painful if administered by experienced medical practitioners.

Botox is injected into the skin purposely blocking the nerves that trigger the sweat glands.

Kimberly Carter cautions, “… when applied on your sweaty hands, it can lead to temporary weaknening of your hand muscles, leading to pain.”

Apparently, if the sweaty disorder worsens, Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) can be considered; it is effective even though definitive side effects could arise. A patient on ETS may experience profuse sweat on other parts of the body—ETS should only be applied after a failure of all other less invasive options.

Common Tips: How do I Prevent Sweaty Hands?

  • Use water and soap to wash your hands regularly
  • Use tissues or wet-wipes to dry your hands during the day
  • Purchase baby powder and carry it in your bag; apply it in your hands as it helps absorb sweat
  • Most of all control stress in a manageable way.

It is out of deep concern that the above information has been prepared to assist you to cope with the sweaty hand problem. Remember, if symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

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