Top 10 Best Moisture Wicking Bathrobes for Women in 2020

Best Moisture Wicking Bathrobes For Women

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Every sassy woman loves to relax at home on weekends or evening after work with a hot cup of tea or cappuccino while a romantic comedy is getting to center stage on TV but in a luxurious bathrobe that makes you feel super laid-back and at ease. If you are enjoying your partners company, you may wish to have your scented candle lit and with your scrumptious wine. This may not be the best time for your moisture wicking pajamas for women, but a classy looking women’s lace accent moisture wicking robe that is super reflective. Or you may click on the best moisture wicking bathrobes for men, that’s if you are looking for men’s bathrobes that are classy, luxurious, light, cozy and also lightweight. This is the way to enjoy that soul-soothing moment with sweat treats as you wind the day down.

You cannot deny that wrapping yourself in a soft bathrobe brings in the best kind of easing that you can ever think of during summer or even winter. But as apparel experts will always tell you, not all bathrobes will fit your needs perfectly. You must find the bathrobe with the best material and functionalities. This is a case of personal preference. For example, the waffle weave bathrobes invite a special spa day with your spouse or best friends. The French terry will always elucidate that warm that you need the most when it’s cold outside. Moreover, the cuddly flannel will be your best choice if you want to spend time around the fireplace in your luxurious ski lodge or hotel. Most of all, a plush microfiber silk fabric will give you a magical feeling as if you are bear-hugged by the coziest yet cooling blanket for night sweats.

In a nut shell, the best breathable bathrobes for women are the one that assures you maximum comfort all day or night long. Nothing should restrain you from moving around or sitting back in your comfortable chair at home, not even your expensive bathrobe. That’s why our team of researchers, editors and writers has put together a list of the top 10 best moisture wicking bathrobes for women. Starting from the fleece-wrap that is the best for women, who prefer working from home, to the highly absorbent and breathable or moisture wicking terry cloth topper bathrobe that is still lightweight and the best for your post shower routine. You may never want to put your bathrobe down for all the charm and appeal it comes with. What are you waiting for? Let’s start shopping for the best bathrobe in the world!

Coyuchi Unisex Cloud Loom Organic Cotton Robe

Best Moisture Wicking Cotton Organic Robes For Women


Do you desire the wrap of an all-season robe? The Coyuchi robe ensures that all your comfort needs are met 100%. It is a naturally-made robe that leaves you feeling comfortable all day and night. They come in different colors thus suits any lady the best way possible.

Product Review features

They are unisex products designed in line with both genders’ preferences. The sizes also suit both men and women. It is the best rob in the world since it has a unique and sophisticated design- dropped shoulders, thus the relaxed pattern that offers extra comfort.

It has an appealing shawl collar and two pockets that lay just below the waistline. They complement with a belt that ensures the robe is as steady as required. The good thing about this belt is that you can adjust it till it gives you the desired fit.

The definitive shawl ensures that you are comfortable and warm, wrapped up in the robe. It is appropriate, especially in rainy seasons.

It is GOTS approved and uniquely designed by long-staple 100% organic cotton. The natural product is grown and prepared in Turkey(Aegean region).

The reason why the robe is genuinely attractive and demanded is that the cotton used is naturally grown without the use of any chemicals. These chemicals may contain toxins that may cause allergic reactions.

The processing methodology includes preparation of long-staple cotton then later made into single loops that give the material the plush, thick and lofty feel. All these make it the best moisture-wicking robe.

It is a great option to wear, especially after a bath. They can also be worn over pajamas


  • It drys quickly.
  • It is sleek, smooth, and comfortable.
  • It is water or moisture absorbent.
  • It gets fine and soft after every wash.
  • It is cost-effective.


  • It may shrink, especially with poor washing habits.

Plush Necessities: Luxury Spa Robe – Microfiber with Cotton Terry Lining

Best Moisture Absorbing Microfiber with Cotton Terry Lining for Women


Luxury spa robe-microfiber are becoming known and widely used all over in the last decade. It is because they design them with top-shelf expertise that ensures high-quality products.

Plush necessities packages this product into different colors that include: seashell, white, pink, Aqua, and sandstones. It also comes with different sizes that include X-small, small, Medium, large, X-large, XX-large, and XXX-large to fit any user. Different sizes come at different costs.

Product Review features

They are crafted from 100% organic microfiber twill fabric on the outside and 80/20 cotton-poly terry. It makes it a warm and cozy robe. It is because a part of the cotton side of the fabric ensures that it is secure and easy to clean.

They are the best robes in the world because of the all-natural cotton fiber used, then later blended with poly-terry.

One of the significant contributions of terry in the fabric is the soft and smooth factor that it adds to the material. It also makes piles that are effective in ensuring that the robe is among the many ideal moisture-wicking robes for women.

The robe comes with an impeccable silky charmeuse piping and beautiful belts that ensure you are fully covered. It also comes in a full length and falls just below the ankles for most women.

All the constituents used to make the fabric ensures that you receive a package deal from plush Necessities. Plush combines the primary benefits of a couple of robe brands and designs one that provides all at the same time. It is the best robe in the world.


  • Top-quality
  • They are machine washable
  • They are lofty and comfortable.
  • They are wrinkle-resistant
  • They are hypoallergenic, thus the ability to allow the fabric breathable and also contribute to ventilation and air circulation.


  • They are quite pricey

Manfield Hotel And Spa: Manfield Unisex Spa Microfiber Shimmer lined Shawl Collar Robe

Best Breathable Unisex Spa Microfiber Shimmer lined Shawl Collar Robe For Women


Whether you decide to utilize a robe when reading a magazine after a shower or have it on while cuddling your pet, a gown is a must-have cloth in your closet. You deserve to have that comfort clothing that you wear for relaxation.

They are ideal and sized for both the female and male gender. They also come in different beautiful colors from chocolate, charcoal, dove grey, white, and champagne.

The sizes include; small-medium, small/Medium,2X plus, and 4X plus. Get a piece of the best robes on amazon.

Product Review features

They are women’s robe made out of sweatshirt material and crafted with all-natural 100% polyester that allows the product to be the best robe in the world. It is a human-made synthetic fiber. The chemical reaction uses air, water, and petroleum. Later artificial fiber is made.

They are luxurious. Due to the classic side pockets placed at the front that falls below the waistlines close to the front thighs, the robe, natural flows fitting the user perfectly.

The length is also an excellent fit since, for most men, it falls in the middle of the calf. For women, it flows and fits just above the ankle, making it the best bathrobe for women as well.

The edges are finely trimmed while the inner seams beautifully and smoothly finished giving the robe a cozy feel. With the implementation of shimmer plush lining, the gown ends up feeling like a teddy bear.

They use outstanding material-polyester that is known to make the best robes for Oprah. Thus the spa experience.


  • They are of exemplary quality.
  • They are cozy and soft
  • Ther are warm and insulating
  • They are absorbent.
  • They dry quickly
  • They are durable


  • They, at times, are sensitive to high Ph levels or high temperatures.

Turkish Towels: Men’s and Womens Silk-Soft Luxury Spa Robe

Best Moisture Wicking Mens and Womens Silk-Soft Luxury Spa Robe


When selecting the best robe on Amazon, you do not only consider the price and the size but what they use to make it and also if it keeps you comfortable and warm or not.

The men’s and womens robes are in different colors that include; white, silver, beige, and chocolate. Different sizes are available from  Large/ X-large that is sized 54″ L ( Neck to the hem)*20″ ( along the back)* 24″ Sleeve( From the shoulders to the wrist). Size Small/Medium sizes 50’’L (from the neck to the hem)*17″ W( along the backside)*23″ Sleeve( from the shoulders to the wrist).

Product Review features

They design it with a blend of both terry on the inner side and microfiber on the outside. The gown becomes warm and of high quality. It is then later completed with a cotton texture that rubs your skin softly. They later add an adjustable belt to provide a perfect fit whenever you wear it. Comfortable pockets provide that extra relation feel to keep your hands warm as well.

The reason why they are among the best robes in the world is that terry is woven on a loom pattern, giving the gown that fuffy and soft features. The length and sizes of the loops will determine how much moisture the robe can absorb.

They incorporate terry fabric on the inner side because of its absorbent qualities. It makes the product among the best moisture-wicking bathrobes for women.

The advantage of having microfiber is that it is hypoallergenic, preventing allergic reactions, especially for individuals with delicate skin or even asthma. They are also environmentally friendly for people who are environment-cautious.

They are thick, thus appropriate to wear over pajamas on a rainy day.


  • They are luxurious and cozy
  • They are cost-effective
  • They are warm and insulating
  • They are machine washable


  • At times they tend to be bulky and uncomfortable if wet. It is due to its high-absorbent qualities.

Mansfield Hotel and Spa: Mansfield Unisex Diamond Microfiber Shawl Collar Robe with White Cord Piping Trim

Best Moisture Absorbing and Breathable Unisex Diamond Microfiber Shawl Collar Robe with White Cord Piping Trim


The ultimate goal when wearing a robe is comfort. So what do you check to ensure you get exactly that? The material that makes the gown is first.

The Mansfield unisex diamond shawl is made with microfiber that is 100% polyester knitted and designed to create elegant and smooth robes—thus making it the best robe in the world. It can be an ideal gift for anniversaries, valentine’s day, or birthdays.

Product Review features

Microfiber comes from using an advanced technological method that later leads to the production of close to 1/16 of the human hair size. Microfibers are known to be more excellent and smooth than silk. The robe then becomes the best breathable bathrobes for women. The weaving process of the gown makes it have that cozy and luxurious feel than silk.

The splitting process of the microfibers generates micro-loops that enables the robe to be highly water absorbent and make it lightweight.

They come in unisex sizes from small to 4X, to fit any body size and type. It also has an adjustable belt placed on the pre-sown belt loops that allow the users to set it at the most comfortable point for comfort and perfect fit. It makes it ideal for a tall and short person.

They come in a grey color and are delicately and carefully placed seams that allow the robe to be long-lasting.


  • They are of outstanding quality since they have top-notch constituents, thus making them the ideal lightweight microfiber robe for women.
  • There wrinkle resistant
  • They are the best breathable robes.
  • The wash and dry quickly.
  • They retain color even after washing multiple times.


  • They are a bit pricey.

Plush Necessities: Plush Microfiber Robe-Soft, Warm And Lightweight

Lightweight Microfiber Soft Warm Full Length Robe Womens


Enjoying your sleep in a beautiful bathrobe is like getting the warmest hug from someone you adore. The plush microfiber robe ensures that you receive such ‘hugs’ all day and all night. They are among the best robes on amazon.

Product Review features

It is a plush product designed with all-natural, organic, and unique plush microfiber. Its constituents allow the robe to have that lux and cozy feel every time you are in it.

It is a full-length robe that has waist ties on the inner and the outer side. They add a shawl collar to keep you warm always. It also has two pockets that fall at the front. They add that relaxation feeling, plus you can also put your keys or tissue.

They are machine-washable products, sized from S/M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. Different sixes come at different costs.

It comes in a variety of beautiful colors that include: almond, cranberry, pale blue, lavender, charcoal, and blush.

The blush robe offers a full package deal for its customers, giving it that spa feeling filled with relaxation and private comfort. They can be worn when relaxing at home, after taking a shower or after the sauna.

It is an ultra-lightweight travel dressing gown since it is made with unique fine microfibers that are softer than any other robes. The secret behind the exceptional qualities is the delicate finalization done with smooth and neat seams on the inner side. It is the best breathable robe for women.  It is appropriate for cold climates


  • They are moisture-wicking bathrobes.
  • They are fluffy and light.
  • They are cozy and soft.
  • They dry quickly
  • They are pill-resistant and do not wrinkle easily.
  • They have a perfectly natural fit.
  • They are warm and insulating


  • They are a bit expensive

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Full Zip Robe

Best Moisture Wicking Breathable Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Full Zip Robe Women


There are questions that one should ask themselves to ensure that that you have landed yourself the best robe in the world.

  • Is it comfortable?
  • The material used?
  • Is it water-absorbent?

The answers to these questions lead to landing the best robe in the world. Gowns are the epicenter of relaxation. They have existed since time immemorial, and with time they continue to advance. The Barefoot Dreams Robe is the answer to your robe problems. It comes in different appealing colors that go line with the taste of different customers. They include  Pacific blue, white, and almond.

Product Review features

They come in different sizes to fit people of different sizes and body types. Every size comes with a varying price. The sizes come as follows: Small/medium and Large/X-Large.

It is 100% organic polyester. It makes the robe to be more reliable than other fabrics, thus resistance to pill. They are the most affordable fleece robes for women

It is non-hygroscopic, this allows the robe to serve its purposes effectively and efficiently. It also dries quickly.It is due to the type of looping done when crafting the gown that makes it outstanding.

Barefoot dreams robes are more resistant to high temperatures and intense Ph levels substances. If introduced, there will cause less or no shrinkage. If one cleans wrongly, there might be creasing.

It is a cozy chic full-length zipper robe uniquely embodied with an appealing plush color that keeps you warm. There are also relaxing pockets that fall at the thigh. Not also forgetting the brushed starfish pull.

There moisture-wicking robes suitable to wear on top of pajamas or a t-shirt when going to sleep.

They use care and delicate seam to sow an extra ribbing on the hem of the Sleeve.


  • They are cost-effective
  • Impeccable quality
  • They are breathable
  • It is the best breathable bathrobe for women
  • They are comfortable and warm


  • The zipper might tend to stick at times if carelessly handled.

Calvin Klein Underwear Women’s Endless Robe

Best Moisture Wicking Calvin Klein Silk Chiffon Underwear Womens Endless Robe


With the technological advancements, designers have come up with many varying designs and patterns for incorporation in the robes. The controversial talk that modern-robes are overrated is just scandals because most people prefer them. The bottom line should be, if it meets the objective, if yes, then you are good to go.

The Calvin Klein robe is neatly designed with high expertise, to ensure that the end product fulfills your relaxation and comfort needs. They are womens lace-accent and moisture-wicking robes.

Product Review features

Calvin Klein makes you feel good and look functional and classy at the same time. Crafted with 100% silk ensures that you get all the comfort that you can get.

It is an imported product, crafted with88% nylon and 12% elastane. It makes it easy to clean and dry quickly. It comes in different sizes from Small, Medium to large.

Due to its fabric constituents-Nylon and elastane- it makes it the most suitable silk travel robe for women. It is lightweight, thus easily packed.

The reason why  Calvin Klein is a luxurious brand that creates the best robes for women is because of the silk that makes it soft, loft ad cozy.

Silk creates the best breathable bathrobes for women. While also producing the different patterns and prints to choose from

Hand washing should be preferred to ensure that they last longer.


  • They allow ventilation and air circulation. It is a result of the naturals fibers in the silk, thus leaving you comfortable when you sleep in it.
  • They are seductive and look appealing. Gone are the days when they were limited designs of robes that one could choose.
  • They are soft and smooth.
  • They are durable. Silk might appear delicate and susceptible to ruin, but it is more robust than cotton.
  • They are of high quality.


  • They are pricey

Miss Elaine Womens Long Seer Sucker Zipper Robe-With ¾ Sleeves, Round Yoke And Two Inset Pockets

Best Breathable Zipper Robes With Pockets For Women


Are you looking for one of the best robes on Amazon? Worry no more because Miss Elaine’s womens long seersucker robe will leave you feeling comfortable any time of the day and night. It is crafter with 55% cotton and 45% polyester.

Product Review features

One of the reasons why cotton is mainly preferred when making this product is because of its versatility qualities. It is also paramount since it is more durable and absorbent. The cotton part of the fabric enables the robe to be more suitable for warm climates.

It is a light weight microfiber robe for women. The absorbent fabric is an ideal option because it allows ease and promotes well-being.

They are the best breathable robes for women.

It is due to the micro gaps in the fabric from the polyester. It is, therefore, allows ventilation and air circulation.

The Miss Elaine Robe comes in beautiful broad multiple stripes. Different sizes come with varying costs fro small to large.

Embodied with an appealing zipper that allows the robe to fit you perfectly and give you that comfort that you desire.3/4 sleeves are neatly adjoined then later completed with two pockets that lay around the thighs.

The fabric implemented is thick enough that one can’t see through. It also gets soft after every wash.

It can also be an ideal traveling robe for women since it drys quickly and doesn’t weigh much or take too much space.


  • They clean easily using a washing machine.
  • They are a perfect fit. It naturally flows as it covers your body with warmth.
  • They are long-lasting.
  • They are soft and luxurious, emphasized by the round yoke with the appealing detailed embroidery.
  • They are comfortable


  • It is prone to shrinking

Boca BT Terry Womens Robe, Luxury Microfiber Bathrobe, Medium, Large, XXL And XXXXl

Best Boca Terry Womens Robe Luxury Microfiber Bathrobe


There is no perfect way to say happy birthday, happy valentines, or sorry than with a package of BocaTerry Robe. They would be suitable for either your sister, mother or girlfriends.

They come in different appealing colors that include: Navy, Wedgewood, sage, white, grey, eggshell, black, and chocolate.

They also come in different sizes from Medium, large, XX-large, and XXX-large. Each size comes with a different price.

Product Review features

This product is mostly found in many spas and motels. It is one of the best moisture-wicking bathrobes for women. It is due to the plush fiber and terry used to make the fabric. The Boca BT Terry only allows one to select one robe per every order.

Boca Terry robe would be an ideal idea if you wanted to use it after a shower, after a steam bath, or while just lying down on your bed while reading your favorite book.

It comes with a handy hanger at the back that allows you to hang it after use so that it can dry quickly.

The terry fabric implemented on the inner side of the robe is essential since they are soft and warm-thus, keeping you warm all day and night.

They are high-absorbent, making them the best robes for women. They are mostly suitable, especially immediately after a shower, because they leave you feeling warm within seconds.

They are of impeccable design, shown by the kimono style that gives robe that perfect fit and also making it feel comfortable. It comes with belts that allow the robe to stay in place. Beautiful pockets lay on the tighs to ensure that you can put your keys or handkerchief, especially if you are under the weather.


  • They are machine washable
  • They are insulating
  • They are pill-resistant
  • They offer a luxuriously feeling


  • They are a bit thick, thus taking some time to dry.


If you have been searching for the best moisture wicking bathrobes for women, you have already realized that there are plenty of types and designs that fit your needs. The materials and fabrics are what give you the best choice when shopping for bathrobes for women. If you are always sweating, especially during summer months, you are also covered. For example, fleece, silk, microfiber, weaves or waffle fluffy robes. The best solution is buying the bathrobe that meets all your specific needs and preferences.

You need to start by finding out whether you desire the highly absorbent or moisture wicking and breathable bathrobe that feels exactly like a towel. If you prefer a plush and classy look in a bathrobe, you can go for the fluffy ones that have extra silky and cotton like finish. But no matter what, you need to buy women bathrobes that don’t restrict your movement around the house.

When speaking about the best bathrobe materials or fabrics, you need to check out the following popular ones. First cotton fabric bathrobes for women is one of the best options around because it is breathable and also moisture absorbent. On the other hand polyester bathrobe material or fabric is a durable and more flexible option. Moreover, polyester can be one of the plush bathrobes, such as the microfiber and fleece bathrobes for women. Have you tried the weave bathrobes, such as Terry cloth that shares the same features like your luxury towel? But if you are heavily in love with the spa, you need to go for the waffle bathrobe that is the best for after-shower routines.

You may as well consider style and fashion when buying women bathrobes. Something that fits you perfectly and still gives you the warmth that you need so much during winter or when in the outdoors or traveling is what you should consider. Some bathrobes for women are short while others are long. You just need to make the right choice.  The short sleeved bathrobe will be the best for you if you want to wash your face in the morning. No need to wet your sleeves while in the bathroom or when applying make-ups.

Now that you know what exactly you are looking to buy, it’s is the best time to get yourself the best cooling, moisture wicking, warm or breathable bathrobes for women. Wont you?

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