Top 10 Best Moisture Wicking Underwear for Women in 2020

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear for Women

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When it comes to leading a comfortable life, during summer, or if you are a heavy sweater down there, it is only best if you wear moisture wicking underwear for women. This is the time when you forget about fashion and focus more on the performance of your underwear as a lady. The best moisture wicking underwear for women is designed with a breathable technology that helps allow free flow of air, which wicks away moisture from your skin, leaving you feeling cool and super dry all day long.

The moisture wicking underwear for women is manufactured with special breathable material/fabrics that are moisture wicking and much more breathable. Some look exactly like a mesh wire that is the best for allowing a free flow of air back and forth. If you are an athlete, you may need to get yourself the best cool blend panties for women that are breathable. Therefore, you will be comfortable running and with little worry of sweating excessively. This also applies to women or ladies who work out with sweat proof leggings or do yoga, you need to wear a special underwear, especially the breathe freely brief panty for women that leaves you feeling cool even when you have bust all the strenuous moves in the gym or the outdoors.

Moreover, an no-frills underwear for women that wicks sweat helps to ensure that your underwear is always dry, therefore reducing the incidence of bacterial growth or yeast infections. Some underwear are also specially designed for preventing the infections, such as moisture-wicking underwear for yeast infections. Equally, if you have problems with friction between your legs or on your thighs, you may buy the best friction-reducing no-show briefs for women that keep the texture of your thighs just the way they should.

This product review and buyers guide is a life-saver for you as it presents the list of the top 10 best moisture wicking underwear for women that are only available on Amazon. Our team of writers and editors has done the best job when it comes to finding the underwear that received high positive customer reviews on Amazon. These are products that have over 98% customer satisfaction rate and thus the most preferred products for trendy women, who deserve both class and comfort while at work or home. No need to keep shopping on end without finding the lingerie or panty that you deserve. Take your time and sample from this product review list of breathable women’s underwear and dress sexy and super cool all day and night long.

Reebok Women’s Seamless Performance Boyshort Panties with Logo Waistband (4 pack)

Best Active Breathable Underwear Undergarment For Women


There is nothing better for ladies than having a collection of comfortable and seamless moisture wicking underwear. It is the best active breathable underwear for women, which is due to the unique Spandex and Nylon fabric used. They are suitable for any type of activity, be it yoga, jogging, or dancing. Nothing screams perfection than a set of underwear that is easy to clean. They come in different sizes, from small to X-large, to fit all users.

Product Review Features

It is an imported brand that is made of 95% nylon and 5% spandex. Besides, it is the best performance moisture-wicking under for women; this is due to its durability and softness. It is an ideal brand for women because it doesn’t pinch or twist under clothes.

It is an attractive set of underwear, primarily because of the elasticity, that manages ride-ups, fitting the hips and legs utterly—not forgetting the beautiful Reebok logo waistband that puts everything in place.

It is rated as the best performance moisture-wicking underwear for women since the fabric is ideal. It regulates the moisture regardless of the outfit you have on or the occasion.

It comes in a value pack that entails a set of four boy shorts with a cost-friendly price If compared to the cost of one underwear.

The classic low rise is designed in various designs and patterns, adding a blend of stylish and classy touch in your closet. It comes in a variety of colors based on the preference of the customer. Its constituents allow it to best friction reducing no-show briefs for women


  • They are stretchy and comfortable.
  • They are soft, and the quality is top-notch.
  • There are the best casual and workout undergarments.
  • They are affordable.
  • The waistband doesn’t fold, making this brand ideal for sleeping.


  • If cleaned using the wrong method, they might get a little bit stretchy.

Brand: B.WR Bamboo Underwear Women- 3 or 5 pack- Womens Organic Bamboo Thongs-B.WR

Best Breathable Workout Underwear For Women


Stylish goes beyond the clothes you are wearing on top of your undergarments. The type of underwear you wear will determine how that dress or trouser you are wearing will look on you. The bamboo thong comes in a 3 or 5 pack. It is also designed into four different sizes, from X-small to X- large to fit various sizes of women entirely.

B.WR opted to implement bamboo because it is a naturally occurring plant without the implementation of any pesticides. It utilizes less water if compared to cotton. It also wicks 35% more CO2 from the atmosphere if compared to another different kind of tree of the same size.

Crafted by bamboo makes it soft, silky, and eco-friendly. There is every reason to love Bamboo thong because it serves every undergarment purposes and also feels comfortable.

Product Review Features

The Bamboo underwear is designed using natural products.95% bamboo viscose fabric that is similarly soft and smooth jut like the silk. Due to its hypoallergenic features, this underwear doesn’t cause irritations or rashes.

This thong is unique because it is antibacterial, making it the ideal anti-odor moisture-wicking women’s underwear.

It is the best cooling underwear for women since it is 40% more absorbent than natural cotton. It ensures that the moisture is absorbed away from the skin, keeping you dry all day. It is, therefore, absolute for users with sensitive skin.

It has a lot of micro gaps concentrated in the bamboo fabric making this product breathable and allow aeration. It makes this thong comfortable to sleep. It can also be the best breathable workout underwear for women.


  • They offer a luxurious feel similar to silk.
  • They are of good quality, thus, comfortable.
  • They are the best women’s active underwear for sweating.
  • They are light and seamless suitable for wearing under anything.
  • They ensure that you stay fresh all day and night.
  • It is the best moisture-wicking lingerie for women


  • At times they tend to shrink.


Balanced Tech Womens 6-Pack, Quick Dry Breathable Seamless Thong Underwear

Best Moisture Wicking Underwear Womens


Are you in need of the best cooling underwear for women? Worry no more. Comfort beats style. The seamless thong panties offer every aspect of both. Designed as the best breath-freely brief panty for women, it comes in a six-pack having different colors. But there is an option of choosing a pack of similar color.  They are accurately processed in varying sizes from X-small to X- large to fit different body shapes and sizes.

If you are among the many that are always worried if your panty lines show when you wear a tight dress, then worry no more because the Dry, breathable thong is seamless, ensuring that there are no pinching or chafing.

Product Review features

They consist of light-weight 92% Nylon and 8% elastane material. It makes the end product comfortable and soft. Named as the best no-frills underwear for women that wicks sweat, it also has anti-odor qualities.

It is ideal for any type of activity from jogging, dancing, and running because it absorbs moistures quickly and dries easily, leaving you feeling dry all the time.  Due to its stretch ability, it is suitable for strenuous workout activities.

It is an imported product that doesn’t have any labels. It is highly comfortable spandex lycra, designed in the high-waisted stretchable pattern makes it the best plus size underwear for women with curves. It allows the body ample supports regardless of the activity performed.


  • There are suitable for both work outs, yoga or gym and casual occasions.
  • They are cost-friendly since they come at an economic six-pack set.
  • They keep your crotch dry, eschewing any irritation or rashes.
  • They leave you feeling comfortable and pleasant while also looking gorgeous as well.
  • They are of perfect quality, thus durability.
  • They get clean since they dry quickly, thus perfect, especially for traveling.


  • At times can be irritating for users who do not prefer high-waist

Amazon Essentials Women’s 4-Pack Seamless Bonded Stretch Hipster Panty

Best Moisture Wicking Women Underwear To Prevent Sweating


Are you looking for an undergarment that will fit you perfectly without leaving any panty lines? Worry no more because the seamless bonded stretch panty holds everything together, making them ideal for yoga classes. They have been known by many to match their personalities and style. Adding to the fact that they are hipsters makes them the best moisture-wicking womens seamless hipster brief bikini panties for some of the users who dislike the traditional design of bikinis.

They are named the best cool blend panties for women because they are versatile since they come in different appearances and worn on different occasions.

They are entirely cotton around the crotch area. It does not only have top-shelf quality but also comes in unique designs.

They come in a pack 4-pack, sized differently from X- small to X-large. One can choose to purchase the same color, for instance, black. But there is the option of selecting different colors.

Product Review features

It is an imported product consisting of 78% nylon and 22% elastane. Quality, comfort, and fitting are the main features of this product. It makes them suitable for working out since they perfectly go in line with your body. They are also the best option to wear casual clothes.

The presence of performance fibers like Nylon makes them active undergarments. They dry quickly, therefore the best moisture-wicking sports underwear for women.

They lack any elastic band around the waist or the legs.


  • They are smooth while also pill-resistant; therefore, the chances of the underwear ruining while you are dressing are low.
  • They are the classic kind of underwear without frills.
  • They are durable, the most recommended way to clean them is using a washing machine to ensure that they last longer
  • They are cost-friendly.


  • Due to the double materials on the leg openings, they might leave panty lines if you wear very tight and thin yoga pants.

Warm Sun Womens Bamboo Viscose Fiber Multi Pack Plus Size Stretchy Soft Breathable High Middle Waist Panties Size S-3XL

Best Sweat-Wicking Underwear For Women


Everyone has different preferences when it comes to underwear trends and designs. But the only thing that we can all agree on is that the bottom line is life-changing and comfortable underwear. The warm sun women’s bamboo underwear is the best, plus size moisture-wicking underwear for women. It is as a result of the stretch feature of the fabric. It fits the user’s body accordingly regardless of the size and the body shape.

Product Review description

It consists of 95% bamboo viscose fiber and 5% spandex. It comes in value packs of 2, 3 or 5. Due to the bamboo element in the fabric, the material fights odor.

The underwear design is of a unique waistband that allows full cover-up with no pinch. It fits right on the waist covering the back and the front amicably.

They are in different sizes, which include the size XS/4S/5M/6L/7XL/8XXL/9XXL/10, presented into varying colors: Rouge, gray, skin, and white.

They are the best active breathable underwear undergarment for women since they allow ventilation making them exercise underwear for plus size women.

They give one that cozy feel. It is because the underwear doesn’t leave panty lines and less dense material used. They transport moisture away from the crotch to eschew irritations or yeast infections.

They are sensitive to high Ph level substances and high temperatures. Thus the user should avoid bleach and regulate temperature while ironing. The washing water temperature should not be over 40 Celsius.


  • They are light-weight and eco-friendly.
  • They offer full coverage from the waist to the legs.
  • They are of high quality.
  • They come in a sleek, simple, and classic design.
  • They are cost-effective


  • They might irregularly stretch if washed using the wrong criteria

Molasus Womens Cotton Underwear Briefs Soft Breathable High Waisted Full Coverage Ladies Panties

Best Womens Workout Underwear For Sweaty Exercise


They are the most versatile type of underwear ever mentioned because they suit the needs of any kind of woman from a pregnant one to a casual woman. It is because of its ability to eschew irritation and infections similar to Hanes moisture-wicking underwear for women.

It is essential because it allows a post-partum lady to heal. The quality of this brand is top-notch since it is handmade. It is cozy, classic, and design-oriented. There is something for everyone here

Product review features

This product is consists of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, giving the undergarment that comfort and cozy feeling, and you can spend all day in it.

One of the reasons why it is named the best moisture-wicking women underwear is because of its ability to absorb sweat. Its cotton quantity allows it to have a perfect fit that is not too loose or too tight.

Its stretchy features ensure that it fully covers the back and the front, as well as the legs. It reduces pinching, frilling, falling down, and no panty lines show.

The quality of the fabric prevents pilling. It has a double waistband pf 3.15 inches/8CM. It allows the underwear to sit perfectly around the waist area without rolling. They are among the best no-frills underwear for women that wicks sweat due to the spandex and cotton contents.

Molasus ensured that the undergarment produced is breathable and soft while meeting the needs of every user; thus, the different designs that include:

  • Moderate support cotton undergarment: The waistband is extensive to ensure that there is more support with hardly any pinching. It is a suitable option for individuals with low back issues and spends most time in the office.
  • No muffin top panties: The primary purpose of this underwear is to minimize the display of your muffin top while also giving minimum compression on your stomach area.
  • Post-partum undergarment: It is suitable for maternity mothers.


  • This fabric can handle dying and doesn’t fade quickly thus durability
  • It also doesn’t allow moisture concentration around the crotch area to prevent yeast infections.
  • It is cost-friendly
  • It is cozy


  • They may pill if not handled carefully.

Runderwear Women’s Thong –Chafe-Free Running Underwear

Best Exercise Underwear For Plus Size Women


Are you looking for underwear to go commando in? The women’s chafe –free-running underwear is the option to go. It doesn’t matter whether you are into the latest trends of undergarments or not. All that matters is you have high-quality underwear in your closet.

It would also be a suitable option for exercise underwear for plus size women. The good part about this underwear is that they are specially designed using a blend of both synthetic and natural fibers.

They can suit any size of athlete woman. It ensures that comfort is critical, ensuring that there are no-chafe regardless of the number of miles you run.

 Product review features

They are in different colors, including black, blue, and pink. Over the years, the quality and efficacy of this underwear have proven legit, due to the awards won. As a result of the seamless technology implemented in making it, they are worn all over the universe.

Runderwears use breathable fabric that allows ventilation and air circulation when one wears it, thus the optimization of core temperature.

It consists of 92% polyamide and 8% elastane. All these 100% natural products leave it as the best moisture-wicking seamless thong for women. The Runderwear comes in different sizes which include: US sizes:

  • 4-6
  • 6-8
  • 8-10
  • 12-14
  • 16-18

This fabric is sensitive to bleach and high temperatures; therefore, ensure that you do not soak or dry clean. When cleaning, do it with clothes of the same color.

The light-weight technology ensures that there is the absorption of moisture, making it the best no-frills underwear for women that wicks sweat.

All the above-upgraded designs allow it to be the best temp-modern panty for women.


  • It is a durable undergarment that hardly fades thus efficiency and effectiveness
  • They have a perfect fit, thus comfortable.
  • They ensure no panty lines show.
  • They are easily cleaned and dry quickly
  • They are of Top-notch quality


  • Quite pricey

Asimoon Womens underwear, No muffin, top full-coverage cotton underwear briefs soft, stretch, breathable ladies panties for women

Best Moisture Wicking Panty Women


There is nothing better a new mom needs than Asimoon Underwear. It is because they offer comfort. This undergarment is ideal for any type of woman, whether working, nursing, or pregnant. You can gift it to your mother, sister, or grandmother.

They come in different sizes to fit varying sizes and body times

Product review features

They are imported products that consist of 95% and 5 % spandex. Having such fabric enables the undergarment to be of high quality and also last longer. The advantage of having cotton underwear is that it allows air to come in and out, thus no accumulation of air.

They come in different attractive colors to suit the preference of any customer. The crotch area is double-layered. Flat seams are also incorporated to make the undergarment comfortable and safe.

It is smooth and soft because of the cotton, making it appropriate for sleep. It is also a breathable fabric that makes sure that there are no odors, thus the freshness.  It is the best moisture-wicking underwear for women. It later results in fighting yeast infections. They absorb all the skin excretions from sweat to toxins from the body.

They are assorted into different sizes that include: small, medium, and large. Cotton makes the underwear stretch perfectly fitting any body size. They are the best underwear for plus size women because they offer full coverage from the stomach to the back while putting everything in place.

They would also be suitable for new mothers since they help in healing the C-section mark without causing any irritation.

A variety of options to choose from:

  • Beyond soft comfort womens underwear panties,
  • Ladies mid-high rise cotton briefs,
  • Soft cotton briefs underwear for women.


  • They are cozy and soft
  • They are not susceptible to pills thus long-lasting
  • They come in different colors
  • They are sufficiently broad and long for pads
  • They maintain original color even after multiple washes


  • Due to the sizes and quality, they might come as a bit pricey.

Bamboo Underwear Women 3or 5 Pack Womens Bamboo Bikini Panties

Best Sweat Proof Underwear For Women


There are different ways you can gift yourself or your friend, by purchasing the womens bamboo bikini panties whose effects are life-changing. It comes in a three or five-pack of a beautiful black shade. It is the panty to wear if you are sleeping or traveling long distances because it ensures you stay fresh all day.

There is nothing not to love in this bikini because it makes you look good and feel good. It is diversified into different sizes from X-small to X-large, and each of them has a different price.

They are suitable for exercises, especially jogging, running, or dancing. Therefore, it is later rated as the best moisture-wicking pure stretch underwear for women.

Product review features

B.WR has created the best cooling underwear for women. They are also luxuriously, productive, and a useful undergarment that leaves you feeling comfortable all day. It is as a result of its constituents. They include a blend of 95% bamboo Viscose fabric. One of the reasons why bamboo is preferred is because it uses less water compared to other plants of the same size.

Bamboo is mainly preferred; it is as smooth as silk, giving the underwear that soft to touch that later leads to comfort. It is hypoallergenic; thus, it doesn’t cause allergic reactions, rashes, or skin irritations. Bamboo absorbs moisture more than cotton by 40%. It makes it the best moisture-wicking bikini briefs for women.

It has multiple micro gaps that help in aeration and ventilation. It allows you to toxins released from your body to dry quickly.

Given that it is hypoallergenic, it offers antibacterial services.  It makes you stay healthy and looking fantastic as well due to the cooling effect.


  • It is pill-resistant thus long-lasting
  • It is odor resistant
  • It is cost-effective
  • They fit perfectly without pinching or showing panty lines
  • They clean easily and dry quick


  • If cleaned using the wrong criteria, they might stretch.

Fruit of the LoomVWomen’s Plus Size 5 Pack Fit For Me Breathable Brief, Assorted Color

Best Moisture Wicking Sport Underwear Women


 If you are looking for a solid plus size panty for women with moisture-wicking, then look no more because the Fit for Me Breathable Brief has you covered.

A variety of sizes are available from XX-large, XXX-Large, 4x-large, 5X-Large, 6X-Large. Different size comes with a different cost. It is a healthy and comfortable choice.

They are assorted into different beautiful colors from white, grey, blue, and pink to beige, but it all depends on the taste of the customer.

Product review Features

It is an imported product that consists of 91% cotton, 4% spandex, and 5% polyester. The good thing about having cotton wear underwear is because it is breathable, thus suitable for strenuous exercises like running or dancing. It becomes the best sweat-proof underwear for women.

It is cotton vs. moisture-wicking underwear for women. Cotton is essential. It reduces yeast infections by releasing moisture away from the vaginal area and giving it space to breathe.

It is a tag-free undergarment that offers full coverage form the front to the back. It provides comfort, and the waistband doesn’t drool off.  Complemented with elastic leg openings that do not pinch, leaves it among the top desired panties.

They should be machine washed for durability and to reduce shrinkage.

They come in breathable cotton that allows air circulation. It kills the bacteria that causes odor. The fabric is also hypoallergenic, thus reduces allergic reactions or irritations. So if you are looking for moisture-wicking underwear for yeast infection, this is the option to choose.


  • They are versatile underwear. It is because it comes in different appearances and designs.
  • They are of high quality
  • They are long-lasting since it isn’t prone to pill.
  • They fit perfectly and stays put for plus size women
  • They can either be worn casually or for workouts because they hardly leave panty lines


  • Sometimes they tend to shrink, especially with frequent washing or poor washing strategies.


We are so pleased that you have read our product review and buyers guide entitled “Top 10 best moisture wicking underwear for women.” We are certain that you found the best breathable panty that fits your taste and desire. On top of this, you are now extra elated that you will no longer endure sweaty moments down there because these are the best moisture wicking and breathable underwear for women on Amazon that are recommended for people who sweat a lot, particularly women with hyperhidrosis or menopause.

Just to recap about these moisture wicking underwear for ladies; they are specially designed underwear with breathable and moisture wicking fabrics that ensure that you are always feeling cozy and cool even during summer, when it is super-hot and humid. No need to worry when you have decided to engage in extra strenuous workout regimes in the gym. No more frictions between your thighs with the above underwear that are specially designed with comfortable materials and fabrics. Forget about bacterial growth or yeast infections. You simply need to change your underwear collections and off you go with the best breathable, sweat proof and sweat wicking underwear for women.

Some moisture wicking underwear on Amazon have gone the extra mile to manufacture underwear that are sweat wicking, which means that they have special fibers that also get rid of bad odors, which are a major problem for women/ladies who sweat excessively around the groin. You will be spoiled for choice, from panties, thongs, hot pants and performance panties that are moisture wicking and breathable. Whether you are an athlete or gym enthusiast, your moisture wicking panty will work as hard as you do. Lets go shopping.

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