Top Ten Best Products For Sweaty Feet: Product Reviews and Buyers Guide 2018

One of the leading symptoms for people with hyperhidrosis, or the condition known as excessive sweating, is the sweaty feet. Sometimes, your feet can become whitish as a result of extreme sweating. This can even predispose your feet to bacterial or fungal infections. Mostly, sweaty feet can have an odor that is not very pleasant to people around you, including yourself. During summer, people with hyperhidrosis may have constant episodes of sweaty feet. When you put on closed shoes for a long time, you may end up with sweaty feet. There are many sweat control products on Amazon that you can use to prevent sweaty feet; and regain your natural and freshly smelling feet.

You can use any of the following amazing products to put an end to your sweaty feet problem: feet deodorant, which works magic on your feet, as dermatologists put it, “it deodorizes your feet”, making them feeling smooth and dry. You can also buy the shoe deodorizing spray that keeps your shoes dry and smelling nice for longer. Have you tried the super cooling insoles, which, like their name suggests, they cool your feet off, even when the floor is sizzling hot. That is just what you need especially if you have to drive or walk for long distances. Sometimes, you just have to pamper your feet, and have them reward you back with a natural smoothness and dryness that everyone desires. If you prefer the antiperspirants that give you a fast relief on your feet, then you will always go for Carpe foot lotion that is recommended by dermatologists for its efficiency and skin safety.  This product works best for people with sweaty and smelly feet. If you work in a busy office or warehouse, you will be amazed by the extent your feet will remain dry and without a tinge of smell.

Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion

The Carpe antiperspirant feet lotion is the number one solution for sweaty and smelly feet. It not only gives you the natural dryness and freshness, but also helps you manage the early symptoms of hyperhidrosis.


  • It is recommended by the dermatologists for curing sweaty and smelly feet.
  • It contains premium quality ingredients that give you fast relief on your feet.
  • It is proven to offer you a comfortable feeling throughout the day without any irritation or skin sensitivity.
  • It is highly absorbent, leaving you feeling dry and fresh.
  • It is approved by the FDA for your skin safety.
  • It is convenient, which means that you can carry it around easily without a need of a lot of space, especially when you travel.
  • You can apply it on your feet anytime you feel your feet are sweaty or smelly. However, it is advisable to apply at night, just before heading to bed, and in the morning after showing and before putting out your shoes for more positive results.
  • Most of the customers indicate that this product works wonders. Some even go to the extra mile to indicate that it may work on your hands as it works on feet. However, there is a specific product that cures sweaty hands.


  • Some customers feel sticky on their feet, while others claim the feeling after applying it was weird to them.
  • Some customers felt their feet became chalky after applying, especially people with excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis.
  • Sometimes the smell can be strong to your nose, especially if you are easily irritated by strong smells.

Lavin Foot Deodorant Cream

Experts call it the award winning deodorant that works wonders when it comes to controlling excessive sweating, specifically sweaty feet.


  • It gives you fast relief, in just 7 days of one-time application, leaving you feeling fresh and fly.
  • It is recommended for athletes, or people who take part in strenuous activities or jobs.
  • It is not affected by showering or bathing; it works perfectly.
  • It does not contain aluminum salts, which may clog your sweat pores, leaving you feeling itchy or scratchy.
  • It works even on a sensitive skin, without leaving you with blisters or wounds.
  • It is designed with an amalgamation of natural ingredients and herbs that work on the smell through destroying bacteria that bring about the odor.
  • It has been tested and proven for use by researchers in cancer centers.
  • It helps you maintain feet and shoe hygiene, especially for athletes and sportsmen.


  • Does not contain any scent. Some people think it smells like mint, but this could be simply because it is wrapped in a green packaging.
  • Sometimes the Lavin’s natural smell is taken away whenever you mix it with other deodorants or the shoe deodorizing spray.
  • It may not be effective on super sweaty feet.
  • Some people find the application process laborious as constant application increases the results on your feet.

Right Foot Shoe Deodorant Spray

This is one of the leading deodorants that cure feet that are always extremely sweaty and smelly. It does a great job more than ordinary deodorants, especially for people diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating condition.


  • It is manufactured with natural ingredients, including essential oils, including eucalyptus and tree
  • oil that work against feet bacteria.
  • It gives natural relief to people with extremely heavy sweating feet.
  • It gets rid of the feet odor instantly, giving you the peace of mind.
  • It works best for people who engage in extremely heavy excusive regimes or activities, leaving their feet naturally dry and smelling fresh.
  • It is effective with the sensitive skin, leaving you without rushes or scratchy feeling.
  • It is safe and gentle on your skin.
  • It’s a spray, which means that it is effortless to apply, as compared to some oils and creams that may sometimes be messy. You need to spray directly in your shoes or on your feet and that’s it.
  • Many customers say the company is super amazing on almost everything, including customer service and product packaging.


  • One customer indicated that it focuses more on addressing the effects of sweaty feet in the place of finding the causes of sweaty feet.
  • Another customer claims that it may not be super effective on extremely smelly shoes and feet.
  • One customer claims that one of his shoes stopped smelling but the other one continued smelling bad and he had to leave the smelly shoe outside for a while.

Summer Soles

For a person with extremely sweaty feet, the summer soles are just a God-sent. They work instantly and more so, they don’t limit your type of shoes. They even can be used with flip flops, just to keep you cool and dry on the sizzling hot beach.


  • They are soft and easy on the skin.
  • They only need peeling and sticking on your shoes or sandals and off you go, free of sweat and feet odor.
  • They also add some extra comfort in your shoes or sandals, leaving you feeling relaxed and unperturbed whatsoever.
  • It is made with natural fibers that absorb moisture like a charm, further leaving you enjoying a healthy and laid-back environment.
  • If you are planning to go on a vacation in the hot summer, then you will have to pack the summer soles as a priority, as it is designed for the summer. You won’t stop enjoying every little detail of the summer sun, while your feet remain super dry and naturally smooth. The polyester material in the summer sole makes your feet feel just amazing.


  • It may need some trimming to fit into your shoes perfectly.
  • The sticky part may not attach to some materials in shoes.

How the Summer Soles Work

The summer insole is renowned for its ingenious ability to control sweating on sweaty feet with ease. The manufacturers have made it possible for people with sweaty feet to enjoy the soft cushioning of the summer soles. Forget those clammy or damp feet this summer. The summer soles are designed with a peel and stick backing, which attaches strongly to your shoes without leaving any residue after removal. You simply need to peel off and stick it in your shoes or sandals and that’s it.

It is manufactured with different designs – you are not limited to sampling different designs and style that suite your needs.

  • Ultra absorbent – Specifically, this one has a high-level absorbing rate, which gives you instant freshness without any stickiness or chalkiness on your feet.
  • Ultra soft insole – This is an elegantly soft insole that makes your shoes soft and easy on your feet.
  • Fragrant insole – this insole not only keeps your feet dry, but also gets rid of the bad odor, leaving you feeling super fresh.
  • Ultra insoles for men –It is designed to meet the sweaty feet of men. Surprisingly, you can walk bare feet with these insoles on and feel as if you have special socks that keep you dry and comfortable.
  • All sizes insoles – It is also designed to fit different shoe sizes. You will be shocked that you can find your size without any problems, for example, from size 5-12 for both men and women. Sometimes, you will only be required to do some minor trimming for that perfect fit, but all is fine after that.
  • Variety of shoes – You are not locked out if you have a list of shoes that of course are varieties. The summer insole is fit for any type of shoes and materials used, including cotton or synthetic. If you want to enjoy walking around in your flip flops, then you are good to go with the summer insoles.

Kleinert’s Dry Feet Wipes

It is one of a kind feet wipes that works around the clock with its magnificent absorbent technology that is also waterproof. It gives you a natural feeling when walking around, without the worry of the sweaty and smelly feet again.


  • It is produced with natural ingredients that entail Aloe Vera, and vitamins that prevents irritation and further increase that natural feeling on your feet.
  • It is waterproof, meaning that it does not get wet even after showering.
  • It is recommended for people with allergies, as it is light on your skin.
  • Amazingly, it takes only 2 business days to ship it in the US as it is also manufactured in the US.
  • It gives you a fresh experience as it works best to controlling excessive sweating on your feet, further getting rid of sweat stain.


  • Some customers with extreme sweating problem claim that it has an insignificant relief to them.
  • One customer states that it worked magic for them for the first one week, but stopped after a second week of inconsistent application, which shows that consistent application may be required for the first few weeks.

Elite Foot Spray

Do you sweat severely on your feet until they turn out dry and clammy? You need the elite foot spray that no only helps you control excessive sweating, but also give you a natural moisturizing effect that keeps your feet soft and fresh.


  • This is a deodorant that is designed in the form of a spray.
  • It is easy to apply as it is a spray, which does not leave any trace of mess on your shoes or feet.
  • It is effective in managing feet odors, leaving them smelling natural.
  • It is designed to work against feet bacteria and infections, further leaving you with healthy feet.
  • It contains natural ingredients and oils, which includes healthy and recommended herbs.
  • The moisturizing effect in this spray helps cure cracked feet, leaving you smooth and comfortable.
  • It helps ease the pain in sore feet.
  • It does not contain harsh chemicals.


  • One customer claimed that upon applying the spray, it leaves their feet smelling fresh and less sweaty for the first few hours, but they continue sweating and smelling hours later.
  • Some claim that it has a strong smell, and may be irritating to people around you.
  • One customer claims that they feel some weird tingling after applying for the first time, which fades with time.
  • Another customer states that it works but the relief fades with time.

How to Stop Your Feet from Sweating Excessively

  • Use deodorants or antiperspirants.
  • Dab your feet dry after showering with surgical spirit to dry them even further, especially between your toes.
  • Stick treated shoe insoles in your shoes to make your feet dry and smelling fresh.
  • Maintain feet hygiene.

Klima SureFoot Spray

If you have problems with feet odor and sweaty feet that does not end even with ordinary deodorants and antiperspirants, then you need to try the Klima Sure Foot Spray, which works perfectly on extremely sweaty feet. It works by massaging each foot through each toes for fast relief and increased effectiveness.


  • It works in just under 5 days, giving you natural freshness that you desire.
  • It helps you stop excessive sweat on your feet, including your heel.
  • It is designed to protect your feet from feet odor and clamminess.
  • It works best after showering, where you only need to apply it in three full sprays on each foot.


  • It may feel primarily wet after applying but this feeling fades with time, leaving you feeling dry and moisturized.
  • It contains aluminum salts, which means that it can cause some irritation to some people with highly sensitive skin.

ClearZal Foot Lotion

This product is designed with three factors in mind, which include sweaty feet, smelly feet and dry feet. It therefore, provides you that natural freshness with super drying effects that locks out excessive sweating, leaving your feet feeling moisturized like never before. You only need to wash your feet properly and drying it before applying the cream. Gently massage the areas applied for a perfect relief. Do not forget to wash your hands after handling the cream.


  • This is a cream that contains active drying agents that relives you from the problem of excessive sweating on your feet.
  • It uses a deodorizing and hydrating effect that keeps your feet soft and dry all day long.
  • It protects your feet from cracking under extreme dryness caused by excessive sweating.
  • It contains natural ingredients that work best in managing excessive sweating, such as aloe vera.


  • The powder can be messy on shoes and socks. It can also be messy on your hands if you do not wash your hands immediately after applying.

How To Ensure That your Feet Don’t Stink

  • Keep your feet clean – Make sure that your feet are clean all the time. Always strive to wash your feet clean with soapy water. Scrub them lightly to ensure that you get rid of every dirt on your feet that could block you sweat pores further bringing in smelly orders as a result of bacteria.
  • Avoid wearing tight shoes – In most cases tight shoes is a serious cause of sweaty feet. Normally, your feet need a lot of space to breathe and when they are squeezed in tightly fitted shoes, sometimes; your feet can become damp and smelly.
  • Switch shoes – You can consider changing shoes every often to give your feet some time to feel the fresh air. Sometimes putting on one pair of shoes for a long time may contribute to the growth of bacteria and fungi, which can cause smelly sweaty feet.
  • Put on special socks – There are special socks that are designed to absorb excess moisture in your feet and sweat further leaving your feet fresh and smelling great.
  • Consider using disposable insoles– There are special insoles that can be used to absorb excessive moisture on your feet and leave you with the comfort that you need while walking around.

Shoe Deodorizer and Disinfectant

It is commonly referred to as the odor, “killer” that means it finishes of bad smelling both your shoes and on your skin. The shoe deodorizer also gets rid of any possible bacteria or fungi in your shoes, leaving your feet healthy and safe from any infection.


  • It is produced with natural ingredients that give you 100% relief on your feet.
  • It gives your shoes natural freshness, getting rid of any bad odor.
  • It contains a special powder that regulates the PH level in your shoes, further averting he growth of the bad bacteria and fungi in your shoes.
  • It is effective for busy people, especially athletes who strain their feet in shoes while exercising or when running/walking long distances.
  • It works in just 7 days of application.
  • It contains a light minty smell that does not irritate the people around when applied.


  • It may not be effective with sweating, but works best in managing smell.
  • It may be messy especially with the powder that can be spilled over.
  • It may not be super effective with extremely smelly shoes or feet.

How to Apply Deodorants, Antiperspirants Creams, and Feet Sprays

Applying deodorants or antiperspirants and sprays can be done similar to how you apply them on your armpits. You can focus on the highly affected areas of your feet, especially your soles. In most cases, the soles sweat a lot, including in between the toes. Therefore, ensure that you have spread the products, including cream in between the toes for increased relief. Most of all wait for the products to dry off before putting on your shoes. Therefore, ensure that you find time to apply the products to avoid making it a hasty process. This will help increase the effect on your feet.

Sprayzee feet deodorant

If you have sweaty and smelly feet, then sprayzee is your number one solution. Moreover, if your often experience itchiness and increased scratching after using other antiperspirants or deodorants on your feet, you may try out sprayzee, which is recommended for extremely sensitive and itchy feet skin.


  • It is made from natural ingredients that entail antifungal and antibacterial components for example, the tea oil, eucalyptus, and peppermint oil among other essential organic products.
  • It is recommended by dermatologists for is skin safety and effectiveness.
  • It is designed to provide maximum results on your feet, by getting rid of the feet odor.
  • It contains aloe Vera and vitamin E, which help keep your feet healthy and dry.
  • It is recommended for people with cracking feet.
  • It is ideal for both men and women.
  • It moisturizes skin, leaving you feeling fresh and dry.
  • It gives you a fast relief more than the creams or powder alternatives.
  • It is used in feet therapy.
  • It does not contain any chemical agents that may be harsh on your feet.


  • The smell can be irritating especially to people who are over sensitive to irritants.
  • It may not give 100% results to people with extremely sticky or sweaty feet.
  • The tree oil smell can be intense to some people.


In conclusion, the above products are effective and most of all recommended by dermatologists for your skin safety and high efficiency.  Our main objective is to ensure that you sample through only selected products that are reviewed by customers on Amazon and approved for their quality on curing the problem of sweaty feet. We picked only the products that customers found great on their skin. You don’t want to leave your feet unattended to until your skin gets damaged or septic. This can cause secondary medical problems, including feet infections and sore feet. Always keep your feet dry and smelling fresh with the recommended feet deodorants, antiperspirants or cooling insoles for a better and comfortable life.

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