What Are The Surgical Treatments For Hyperhidrosis?

Surgical Process of Curing Hyperhidrosis

There are times when you have tried out many types of sweat treatments, such as the use of antiperspirants or deodorants without much success. It reaches a point when your doctor recommends a surgical procedure also referred to as sympathotomy or sympathectomy. This is a process that entails cutting or removing of the sympathetic nerve.

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The sympathetic nerve is responsible for controlling sweating on your body.

In the case where you have not had sweating for an extended period, which includes sweating on your face, armpit or palms, then you may not be the right individual to undergo this surgical procedure. Equally, people diagnosed with truncal hyperhidrosis, or simply put, sweating on your body, such as your body and the groin area, then you may also not undergo sympathectomy as described by Hopkins Medicine Faqs.

VATS Technology

Surgical Treatments for Hyperhidrosis

In the past, surgeons used to open the patient’s chest to locate the sympathetic nerve and make the necessary cuts. However, in the modern day, health technologies have emerged that have made it even possible for surgeons to locate the nerve easily than before, by simply using VATS, which is Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery, where the surgeon makes a slight cut on your armpit and uses the small light camera to magnify your chest cavity to find the sympathetic nerve easily for cutting. There is therefore no need to cut open the chest of a patient.

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The VATS technology is a ground breaking invention that gives surgeons the much-needed accuracy to ensure that they locate the sympathetic nerve and make the right cuts on the specific points on the nerve.

In the past, surgeons used to make clips on the nerves with the hope that this process can be reversed, but this was soon established to be an irreversible process. A lot of studies are still ongoing to uncover more information on this account.READ ALSO: Top Ten Best Products for Sweaty Hands

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