Which Parts of The Body Do People Experience Excessive Sweating?

Any Part of the Body That Sweat Too Much

Parts of the Body That Sweat Too Much

There are many parts of the body that people can experience excessive sweating also called hyperhidrosis. While some people may sweat everywhere on their bodies, it is also common to find people sweating excessively in only specific parts of their bodies, for example, armpits, palms, feet or face.

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There are four parts of the body that people can experience hyperhidrosis as listed in the following list:

Parts of the Body That Sweat A lot

Palmar hyperhidrosis

As the word “Palmer” implies to palms of the hands, it is the hands that sweat excessively in this case. Many people with this condition often feel embarrassed shaking hands or handling papers as they are sometimes afraid of leaving sweat marks or moisture on papers or people’s hands. It can also lead to low self-esteem.

Axillary hyperhidrosis

This is described as excessive sweating in the underarm or armpit. Mostly, people with this condition often see patches of sweat on their underarms especially when they put on dark colored clothes. Some people may sweat in the armpits after walking long distances or when presented to a tense environment that causes sudden fear or worry.

Pedal Hyperhidrosis

This condition is associated with the feet where one can sweat excessively in his soles. It can sometimes be referred to as planter hyperhidrosis. Victims of this condition often have problems wearing sandals on the beach when it is hot or humid. Many people with pedal hyperhidrosis are also known to have palmer hyperhidrosis.

Facial Hyperhidrosis/Blushing

 “Facial” as it implies to face represents excessive sweating on the face, something that is commonly called flushing in the face. Some people sweat in the face suddenly after facing a tense moment or situation. Equally, some people tend to sweat in the face when lifting a heavy luggage or object.

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