Zero Sweat Antiperspirant Review in 2020

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  • Cures excessive sweating 100%
  • Zero Sweat does not stain your clothes
  • Works magic with minimal use
  • It is economical
  • It is safe on your skin and FDA approved


  • May cause irritation if used just after shaving
  • May cause irritation in the eye
  • Can cause irritation for the first time users
  • It is not advisable for people allergic to aluminum salts

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Zero Sweat antiperspirant is one of a kind sweat controlling product that is FDA compliant and furthermore produced in the USA with the most recommended standards. It is safe and easy on your skin and helps cure hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating effectively and efficiently. Zero Sweat not only gets rid of the sweat but also the sweat marks that can be sometimes embarrassing. Above all, Zero Sweat gives you up to 7 days protections from just one bottle, leaving you feeling super dry and naturally smooth. This Zero Sweat review points out the best features of this product, including the pros and cons for you to make the right decision of purchasing this it. You can Buy Now Zero Sweat on Amazon
You will definitely love ZeroSweat antiperspirant as it is designed to give your armpit a clean and super dry feeling without any residue left behind like many ordinary sweat control products, such as powder sweat care products. It is not messy on your skin and gives you all the confidence you need in public, at school or ay work. You can wear any type of cloth, any type of material or color without worry and apply Zero Sweat with confidence as it is designed to leave no trails or pit stains on your clothes.

What are the Features of Zero Sweat Antiperspirant?

In this Zero Sweat Antiperspirant Review, we present more information about the features of Zero Sweat for you to have a clear understanding of the product. We have looked through the detailed information presented by the manufacturer of the product to find out the main features. Most of all, we have tried and tested this product and we have come up with some crucial features worth your time to know.

  • You can use Zero Sweat on the head – Zero Sweat is designed to act on sweat pores on your head, especially the scalp. Many people sweat a lot in their scalp as a result of hot flushes or hot and humid weather. Zero Sweat is your number one solution. However, Zero Sweat cannot be used on your face as the manufacturers specify that you need to use it in the regions of your body that are safe, for example, your underarms or feet. It can be irritating to your eyes, if applied to your face. Therefore, prevent it from getting into your eyes. But if this happens accidentally, wash off with plenty of water, and seek medical advice, in case irritation persists in the eyes.
  • You can use it on your feet – Zero Sweat is distinctively designed to help cure sweaty feet. You only need to apply sparingly on your feet and all the excessive sweating will begin to fade with time. Sweaty feet are a common problem in many people, especially people diagnosed with hyperhidrosis or people living in hot and humid areas. Zero Sweat leaves your skin smooth and even moisturized after applying, and most of all with minimal sweating.
  • It works wonders with sweaty armpits – Zero Sweat works best in getting rid of sweaty underarms. You now have a reason to wear short-sleeve tops, shirts or vests while on the beach without any worry of sweating in torrents. All you need to do is to apply an up and down swipe, of Zero Sweat product and expect to stay dry all day long. No more embarrassment while having quality time with friends or when in class or at work. Even working in labor-intensive work settings, such as engineering or construction or employment that call for long-hour working shifts while standing. Athletes also find Zero Sweat applicable as it helps them manage sweating while on track or when exercising.
  • Designed with a rolling ball (roll on) –Zero Sweat is ideal as it makes your work easier when it comes to applying it on your skin, be it under your armpit or on your feet. All you need to do is to roll it once or twice and off you go. It works just like ordinary deodorants with a roll on device. No more messy residue left behind by sprays or powder.

How to use Zero Sweat Antiperspirant

Zero Sweat Review
Zero Sweat Review

In this ZeroSweat Review, we present the four main basic steps of how to apply Zero Sweat product for increased efficiency. Many users follow the steps required and always get great results. However, if you do not stick to the requirements, you may end up not achieving the desired results, for example, some users indicated that they applied a lot of times, whereas other claimed that they used a high amount hoping to achieve high results, but all these do not work. You need to apply a pea-size amount, which works miracles. The manufacturers also advise you to use a negligible amount and do not overuse the product hoping to achieve high results.

Zero Sweat Antiperspirant Product Review
Zero Sweat Antiperspirant Product Review
  • Take a good shower – Before applying Zero Sweat on your skin, always ensure that you have had a good shower that entails getting rid of any residue or dirt on your skin. Cleaning off residue helps increase the chances of absorption of the product into your skin for increased results. The good thing with Zero Sweat is that does not leave any residue or mess on your skin that may give you problems washing off. After showering, wipe off the water on your skin dry and also give your skin sometime to dry properly, such as 20 minutes. A damp skin is not good as this may cause skin irritation or itchiness.
  • Apply Zero Sweat just before bed – Zero Sweat works perfectly when your body’s metabolism rate is at its lowest. It gives your body a chance to absorb the product easily into the skin when you are at rest. Therefore, this means that you need to apply on your skin just before heading to bed. Some people opt to apply just before they head out of the house, with others applying when the environmental conditions are adverse. However, the most optimum time to apply Zero Sweat Antiperspirant is just before heading to bed for increased skin absorption rate.
  • Give it about 3 minutes to dry –Immediately after applying Zero Sweat, give it some time for the product to dry off. Do not wear your sleeping pajama just after applying to avoid getting messy (the product attaching to our clothes). Most of all, giving Zero Sweat 2-3 minutes after applying it or using it on your skin allows its active ingredients, such as aluminum chloride to work on your skin pores as required and help control excessive sweating.
  • Sleep like a baby – After your skin dries perfectly and when Zero Sweat has penetrated into the skin, your next business is to jump in bed and sleep like a baby. Sleeping gives enough time for the ingredients to work perfectly for great results as your sweat glands are often active during sleep. Many skin care products work best while you are asleep. Like said before, your body’s metabolic rate is low and this gives time for the product to work best.

What are the Pros and Cons of Zero Sweat Antiperspirant?


  • Cures excessive sweating – Zero Sweat works best in curing hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. you will be sure to experience a high change in your underarms and feet and any other sweat part of your body by applying Zero Sweat routinely as outlined in this review.
  • Zero Sweat does not stain – It is one of a kind product, designed with unique formulation that does not leave any stain on your garment as compared to many other ordinary products that may leave you stressed about the color of dress you will wear. Zero Sweat is clean on your clothes.
  • Works magic with minimal use – Zero Sweat does not need to be used constantly or for a long before you achieve great results. You only need to use it until your symptoms of sweating excessively disappear and that’s it. You can now stop using the product and begin enjoying a happy dry and fresh life like any other person out there with confidence.
  • It is economic – Many users find Zero Sweat economical as it gives you natural dryness and freshness from every part of your body, including your scalp, armpit, feet or palms.
  • It is safe – It is FDA approved and recommended by dermatologist for use on your skin without causing adverse effects. You therefore have all the reason to smile and walk in the sun without fearing to see drops of sweat all over your body with Zero Sweat in hand.


  • Can cause irritation if used just after shaving – Do not use moments after shaving as the skin can become itchy and irritating. Always ensure that you give your skin some time to heal and allow it to dry completely before applying zero sweat as this ensures that no itching occurs or irritation.
  • May cause irritation in the eye – It is important to try and avoid applying around the eye to reduce eye irritation. In the case when you begin to feel eye irritations or itchiness, you can wash it clean with clean water.
  • Can cause irritation for the first time users – Some users have experienced some slight skin irritation when applying Zero Sweat for their first time. However, this fades with time as your skin gets used to it. The manufacturer’s advice that you can apply ordinary deodorants to get rid of the irritation, at some point is applicable. You may also use some ordinary skin care product, such as Vaseline, which helps clear the irritation.
  • It is not advisable for people allergic to aluminum salts – You may need to avoid using Zero Sweat as it contains aluminum chloride salts that may be irritating to the skin. If rashes appear on your skin, you may need to discontinue using the product.

What are the Side Effects of Zero Sweat?

Every product has side effects or simply put, any result that may be unexpected by the user. Some side effects are harsh on the user and some may even be mild and go unnoticed. It is therefore important to know about the possible side effects of any products for better decision-making before buying this product or using it. In this Zero Sweat review, we study some of the main side effects that you may need to know about before applying this product on your skin.

  • Skin irritation – The manufacturers indicate that some users may develop skin irritation when using Zero Sweat for the first time. However, they indicate that this problem stop first with time and the user may continue using the product normally. Some users who shave are advised to avoid applying Zero Sweat immediately after shaving as their skin needs time to heal off. Failure to which, the skin may become easily irritated by the product.
  • Eye itchiness –Manufacturers advice the users to avoid getting Zero Sweat into their eyes or close to the eyes as this may cause eye itchiness and or pain. While some users prefer to use Zero Sweat on their face, it is advisable to avoid getting it into contact with the eye to avoid itchiness. If this happens, wash off with a lot of water. Seek medical help if itchiness continues on end.
  • Rashes on the skin – Some users, who have extremely sensitive skin or some that develop skin irritation often may develop rashes, especially if they end up scratching on end. The manufacturer advice to stop using the product the moment you see rashes on your skin. Some users may apply Vaseline or other ordinary deodorants, which help ease the rashes. However, it is advisable to seek medical advice if the rashes persist.

Are there any Alternatives to Zero Sweat?


If you desire to try out other related products that can offer you comparatively different results on your skin, then you can check out the alternative products to Zero Sweat outlined in this review. Some of them include Carpe Lotion which is one of a kind product in the market that not only works in curing sweaty feet but also cures sweaty hands. Many users find it quite resourceful as it serves them double purpose. Some users believe it is better to buy Carpe and have two problems solved than have to buy another product for your hands as well. You can also try out Maxim Antiperspirant that doubles up as an antiperspirant and a deodorant. Maxim is formulated with special ingredients that help in curing underarm swearing effectively and super-fast. It is also approved by the FDA for safety and also efficiency on your skin.


Overall, this Zero Sweat Antiperspirant review has broken down all the necessary details about this product that includes the features, pros and cons and also the side effects, including the steps of using it to achieve great results. You now have all you need to make the right decision whether to buy Zero Sweat Now on Amazon and say goodbye to all your sweating problems. No more sweating profusely in public, while your friends remain super fresh and perfectly dry. Sometimes sweating excessively is caused by anxiety, fear or anger. You can now keep your cool with Zero Sweat Antiperspirant without anyone noticing. No more unnecessary embarrassment in public or at the workplace. Zero Sweat is effective and designed with the best ingredients that fight sweating problems seamlessly. Remember to always follow all the instructions of use and expect great results. Most of all, if symptoms persist, seek medical help.

2 thoughts on “Zero Sweat Antiperspirant Review in 2020

  1. Sweating is a natural process to regulate our body temperature. Does this product disrupt this autonomic process and cause other problems? For instance, I play tennis and sweat profusely. This is a good thing so I don’t get over-heated. But will the product stop me from sweating, thus creating a problem for me, if I apply it overnight? Also, your review says the product has long-lasting effect. Does that mean I will stop sweating? Isn’t that bad?

    1. The products reviewed by our editors are meant to help control excessive sweating or hyperhidorsis in people who often sweat more than ordinary people. For example, people who sweat excessively even when the weather is cool or when they have not engaged in strenuous activities like playing tennis. So the purpose here is to regulate sweating to normal levels for people with hyperhidrosis. If you sweat normally while playing tennis, then you may not need any product to control or regulate your sweating. May be you may need wearing sweat absorbing attire for comfort.

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